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A big hearted organisation

Extending friendship without prejudice

Spice was founded on the principal of serving as wide a spectrum of people as we can, and making our activities as accessible as we possibly can.

This means that you’ll encounter people of a wide range of ages (literally 18 to 80), interests, abilities, ethnicities, opinions, bank balances etc. all united by a wish to welcome everyone else to the fun and friendship of Spice.  It is not our vision to 'select' people or 'vet' people and we love the variety that this open policy brings to our membership.

That is the Spice vision and we expect our members, staff and volunteers to share this open minded attitude in all the little things they do. Such as:

• Keeping an eye out for anyone new or who looks to be on their own at events – and extending a warm Spice welcome and ensuring that they feel included and part of the “Spice family”
• Offering friendship equally to everyone  regardless of their age, ethnicity, disibility etc
• Extending kindness, thoughtfulness and courtesy in everything we do

Our staff and volunteers seek to treat everyone equally and to strive to deliver events that are open to as many people as possible in terms of cost, accessibility etc

As a group we do not tolerate prejudice or any form of intolerant behaviour. Our members are our ambassadors and we guard our reputation jealously.
Therefore, if you do not share our values, please do not apply to join our group – it really isn’t for you. But if you are of a like mind and are prepared to contribute to the life of a large and varied "Spice family", we promise to do our very best to make you very welcome in our nationwide community of friends.

We are very proud of what we do - and would love you to share in all the great things that Spice membership brings.

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Member Testimonial

"Somthing really special about Spice is the comradeship, this is somthing I have not encountered since my army days. You should be very proud of the spirit and ethos within your group."

- Tom - Manchester (M627)