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Meet the Team

Our Staff Team!


Richard Coulter                    Adam                  Claire

Richard Coulter                    Adam Page                      Claire Lawson
    West Mids Co-ordinator           Finance Manager              Membership Administrator

Maggie Jephcott                            Sue Kelland

                                        Maggie Jephcott                             Sue Kelland
 Assistant Co-ordinator                       Events Administrator

The Staff Team "Chill Out" on a Quad Biking day:
Team Photo

Our Volunteer Co-ordinators

Volunteer Coordinators are usually long served members of the group who are prepared to give up their time voluntarily to help coordinate the some of the hundreds of events each month that the staff team cannot get around to in person.

They are a friendly and dedicated band, who work to ensure that everyone gets a warm welcome and no one is left out. They also work with the event supplier and venue to make all the little details are in place that ensure an event runs smoothly. They will usually be wearing Spice clothing or carrying a newsletter / event list, or may just be identified by the fact that they are running around like maniacs trying to make sure everyone is having a good time!

All event coordination is carried out on a voluntary basis - whether it be by staff members or VC's. So please be nice to the coordinators on events - and they might volunteer to look after us again!


              Catherine       Estella      Sandra      Hazel    Nicola

             Catherine Scottow           Estella Bishop           Sandra East            Hazel Sherrington       Nicola Fox


             Billie     Simon     Tracey       Don      Andrew

              Billie Niblock                Simon Turner                Tracey Barker               Don Pitt                    Andrew Dare


             Doug    kate     Sarah     Sean    Sheila

                Doug Hedley               Kate Hall                   Sarah Harris                 Sean Starrs              Sheila Wrotchford


             Diane     Heather      Steve     Rob        Rowlands

              Diane Leese              Heather Morton            Steve Dell                   Rob Smith                Sherrie Rowlands


              Alison       Charles      Dan    Linda    Painting

                Alison Edwards         Charles Hilsdon             Dan Crawley                  Linda Taylor                 Pam Painting


              Tove       Newman     Mark       Lisa     Rose

              Tove Salkvist              Steve Newman          Mark Legge                   Lisa Evans            Rose Rogers-Cook       


            Jayne        Andy    Sandra     Paula    Harris

             Jayne Walker               Andy Smith              Sandra Browne           Paula Akhimieho         Dorian Harris


             Steve       Gowers     Derek    Zaalof     Suzanne

             Steve Mash               Bob Gowers               Derek Smith                  Ann Zaalof                  Suzanne Carr


          Helen     Nicki       Catherine     Yvonne      Viki

           Helen Astbury            Nicki Dale                  Catherine Howard        Yvonne Rowse            Viki Dobbs




         Mark              Bartlam             Dave           Nicki

    SOLIHULL-Mark Thursfield   TAMWORTH-Mike Bartlam       KINGS HEATH-Dave & Nicki Collins

     David              Fiona        

 SUTTON-David Jones         Halesowen-Fiona Murray

Group photo of our VC line up  

Volunteer Coordinators Photo