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Membership Costs

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Monthly subscription by Direct Debit

Joining quarterly by Direct Debit enables you to spread the cost of joining. If you need to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time with no penalty. Our policy is to keep your Direct Debit payment rate unchanged for as long as you remain with the group, so long as your membership period continues unbroken. The only circumstances where we might have to review this policy would be an economic climate of very high inflation. Any changes to your Direct Debit will be notified to you in writing.

The current rates are as follows:

  • Standard (one member) £12
  • Couple (two people at the same address) £18

Your subscription will be debited to your account automatically on the 15th of the month (or as soon as your bank receives the instructions) and then every month on the 15th of the month.

Annual subscription rates

Alternatively, you can pay for a full year at the following rates either online or by telephone on 0121 353 6161.

  • Standard (one member) £144
  • Couple (two people at the same address) £216
All rates above include VAT at the prevailing rate (20%).

Methods of Payment

By Direct Debit
If you join on-line you will need to pay your first 3 months membership by credit or debit card. We will process your application and post a direct debit mandate for you to complete and return. A direct debit mandate is included in the information pack.

By Credit Card
Either telephone the Spice office on 0121 353 6161 between 9.00am and 6.00pm (Monday to Friday) with your details. Or write your card number, expiry date and, if SWITCH/MAESTRO the issue number and 3-digit security code on the application form and fax it to us on 0121 353 6861, or send the completed form to us in the post.

By Cheque
Make your cheque payable to “Spice Birmingham Ltd”, and send it to us at the Spice office.

On Line
Visit our website to join online, you will need a credit or debit card. Complete the online application form and a membership pack will be on its way.

Personal accident insurance

Your subscription fee includes liability insurance on all the events you take part in with Spice.  So if you damage any property or equipment or accidentally injure another member you are covered. Your subscription also includes personal accident cover whilst taking part in any Spice event or traveling to or from it.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you join by any of the above means and decide within the first three months of your membership that Spice membership is not for you, we guarantee to return all membership monies to you without question.