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Dave Smith started Spice 28 years ago, since then Spice has helped thousands of members live their dreams.  See the Spice promo video where Dave and Spice members talk about their experiences.  All the people in the photo's and video are actual Spice members on our events.

Member Testimonial

"To anyone thinking of joining I have only this to say ' While youre thinking your missing out - GO FOR IT!"

- Phil Andrews (UK42)

Member Testimonial

"I have just lived a dream thanks to you at Spice, I have completed a wing walk and it was the best thing I have ever done!! Thank you so much."

- Hayley Brignell (TV70)

Member Testimonial

"SPICE- AMAZING!!! I've been in Spice now for all of six months and they have been the best six months of my life. You get to meet the most amazing people and have such fun. If you are thinking of joining don't waste any more time, as it is only time wasted for having brilliant adventures. Once you've joined you'll never look back. "

- Clare Hubbard (L113)