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Why Join Spice?

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  • Spice is not a Singles Club or Dating Group! A lot of members come along on their own to events, and make lots of new friends this way - but there is no "hidden agenda".
  • Spice members are all ages (18+), from all backgrounds and of all abilities. We have both singles and couples as members – everyone is welcome to join in the fun!
  • Spice is very sociable. Be prepared to make lots of new friends!
  • Most Spice events are aimed at the absolute beginner so no experience is necessary and any special equipment is provided.  Our activity events are a great way to try-out somthing new!
  • Many of our evening, day and weekend events are in West Midlands area plus there are also lots of weekend events throughout the UK.
  • Most people join Spice on the recommendation of a friend or colleague who is a member!
  • Membership costs about the same as a pint of beer or a glass of wine a week!
  • Spice is not just about adventure. Lots of people join purely for the social side of the group or our fabulous
    Overseas Holidays
    organised by Spice UK
  • Most members rate joining Spice as one of the best things they have ever done”; many will also tell you that it has “changed their life”!
  • 70% of people attending Spice events come along on their own – so you don’t need to worry about not knowing anyone beforehand!
  • Spice is a national network of friends. You are welcome to get involved with the events of all 8 Spice groups and the overseas holiday programme provided by Spice UK!
  • All Spice events are run by one of our professional suppliers or a Spice co-ordinator, so relax they will introduce you to the group, you will soon be making new friends.
  • All the photographs and images used through the Spice websites and newsletters, are all from real Spice events featuring Spice members.

Member Testimonial

"Anyone thinking of joining SPICE - DO IT - it is fabulous. I was a member for 5 years until I met my now husband at SPICE New Year 1995. We now have 2 children, so reluctantly had to leave SPICE due to lack of time. Thanks SPICE I got more than I bargained for when I became a member."

- Susan Young (UK 27)

Member Testimonial

"SPICE, best thing since sliced bread. A member for 5 years and it has certainly changed my life. It begs the question, 'Was there life before SPICE?' As the newsletter now states, 'Live it'. Life's too short not to. Intend to be a lifelong member now and looking forward to retirement so I can do MORE!"

- Val - Yorkshire (Y167)