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  • Have you ever thought, “I‘d love to do that, but I just wouldn’t know where to start”?
  • Do you want more excitement in your life than just going to the pub, doing DIY or watching TV?
  • Are you new to the area? Do you want to go out and NOT talk about work?
  • Have your friends settled to a life of "suburban domesticity" whilst you want to do something totally amazing?
  • Do you want to meet new friends and share new adventures with them?
  • Would you like to amaze your friends or work colleagues with the details of your latest adventure?
  • Do you want an instant social circle of like-minded fun loving people?

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Spice is the UK's leading Adult Adventure, Activity, Sports and Social Club.

With Spice you really can Live Your Dream. Spice offers ordinary people the opportunity to do the most extraordinary things in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere

Established in 1991, Spice West Midlands is the UK's largest Spice Group , with over 3500 members all over the West Midlands and Birmingham area it has two full time Co-ordinators and plus a number of volunteer Co-ordinators who dream up ever more exciting things for us to try.

The focus of our group will always be on providing adventures and unusual experiences to our members. However, there are also an increasing number of members who are purely interested in the amazing social life that the group enjoys. This includes meals out, theatre & concert visits and wild, wild parties!

Our bi-monthly newsletter offers around 180 events which our members can book onto. We aim to offer at least one activity each weekday evening, which may be sports at the National Indoor Arena, talks or 'behind the scenes visits', or purely social events such as meals out, theatre, and alternative comedy. The BBC also contacts us when they need an audience for a TV programme. Such is our reputation for being 'game for anything' so long as it's a laugh!

A typical weekend will have around 12 daytime and 3 evening events to choose from, plus at least one overnight trip. Depending on the time of year (how cold it is!) these might include watersports, driving activities, mountain sports, all sorts of flying, a ramble or two, mountain biking, de-stress & relaxation opportunities, and at least one party or social activity.

Costs are kept to the minimum, with always a good selection of events for 'under a tenner'. Membership fees work out at under £3 per week - about the same as a pint of beer or a designer coffee!

If you wish to add SPICE to your life simply follow one of the steps detailed on Join Today and start enjoying events straight away or for more details Request An Information Pack.

If you have any questions check out our FAQ's or don't hesitate to give us a ring at the Spice office on 0121 353 6161 between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday and we will be glad to help.

Thank you for your interest - we look forward to sharing some adventures with you.

Member Testimonial

"As a new member I can honestly say, with as much conviction as I can muster, JOIN, JOIN, JOIN - you won't regret it!!! The choice and range of activities is mind blowing. Go for it!" "

- Amanda Prees (UK573)

Member Testimonial

"I just wanted to get out and meet people and I've met lots and lots of wonderful people. Being reasonably active it's not surprising that I went for things like abseiling, dragon boat racing, hovercraft driving, bog snorkelling, etc. Perhaps what is surprising is that a complete non-dancer can't help but hit the dance floor. SPICE has changed my life and all for the better."

- Chris Price (UK205)