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Abseiling for the Terrified

.. a great first outdoor adventure!

Sat 20 Jan 2018
Black Rocks, Matlock # DE4 4GT
£34 Member, £39 Guest
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Many members would love to do an abseil, but are too petrified to book the ones we normally offer.

After seeing Mark & Sean’s ability to gently coax even the most frightened, or physically disadvantaged people into achieving brilliant outdoor feats, I started these special sessions which have proved extremely popular! You just need to bring a little faith, and the will to succeed! The feeling you’ll get from your success is well worth it all. Mark and/or Sean will get you to overcome any fears by building up your confidence gradually. First we get used to the equipment and how to use it on a few very short descents, before tackling some bigger abseils if you feel able. You’ll not be forced to do anything you are uncomfortable with, or feel stupid if you back out of any stage. So go on…you’ve nothing to lose but your fears!

Medical Note: If you have any medical conditions that could prevent you taking part in this adventure activity, please contact your doctor in advance to check. If you are unsure, please contact the instructor, Mark Fenton directly on 07798 790766 or your Spice office.

Finish Time: This depends on the numbers and the time people take to get their confidence. They aim to  finish between 2 - 3 pm but anybody wishing to stay and abseil is usually able to do so until around 4 pm.




: I recently participated in 'Caving for the Terrified' and was incredibly impressed by Mark and Shaun's warmth, compassion and excellent sense of humour.  Fuelled by this I signed up for 'Abseiling for the Terrified' where l fell to pieces with horror. Mark was absolutely AMAZING not only with myself but to all others who were anxious. He was funny, reassuring and caring. I cannot speak highly enough of him. He's an asset to Spice. Please pass my feedback on my behalf and that of others on the two events.  


It was a really enjoyable day, I was surprised at how little fear I felt and could actually have done a longer drop!


I am not long home after this event and wanted to give feedback while it was fresh in my mind.Mark was amazing.  Really made everyone feel at easy.  Very easy to understand.

The place was amazing The other people on the day were great and everyone pitched in well.Anyone could do this and get through the day feeling like they have really achieved.If you could pass on my thanks to Mark I would appreciate it.



  My Daughter and I had a fabulous time. Mark was really funny but extremely professional.  Also the group of girls were lovely and friendly.  I would recommend this to anyone.


  Had to email and say that that this was an excellent event!  I never thought I would be able to stand on top of (what felt like) a very high rock and go over the edge backwards, but I ended up doing it several times!  Mark was great - even the most petrified person in the group did at least one abseil.  I would really recommend this for anyone who looks at a lot of the more challenging physical events (skydiving, microlighting) and thinks - "I'd love to do that but I'm too scared!"  This is a gentle introduction to extreme sports, you'll feel that you really achieved something and it will sound really impressive to all your mates - I hope!


Place:Top Car Park  Black Rocks, Steeple Grange, Derbyshire DE4 4GT this is the postcode for the houses 200 yds from the car park

Start Time:  Time: 9.45am for 10.00am prompt start - Please arrive ready ‘to go’ and allow plenty of time for your journey. This way you can start the event relaxed and ready.


Contact:  Mark -07798 790766 (see attached photo)  Do remember that once the event/activity is 'under way' it may be very difficult to contact the coordinator/instructor.


Please find the details for the above event. We suggest you take any waterproof clothing you may have and good sturdy shoes/boots, and possibly a change of clothes to travel home in.Please remember to take with you a packed lunch and a flask, in a ruck-sac type bag.


The meet point for the day is The Top Car Park, Black Rocks, Cromford, Derbyshire.

# This now has a Pay & Display ticket machine so do take some spare cash with you.....


Please note: If this is an outdoor based event and it will be affected by weather conditions on the day, if you have any doubt about the weather at the location of the event then please call the number provided above. Please always do this if the event is wind dependent and remember the weather at the event may be different to your home location. Also any personal medication required.



Black Rocks is located between Wirksworth and Cromford on the B5036 road. If travelling on the A6 turn onto the B5036 at Cromford traffic lights. Follow the road up a steep hill for approx 1.5 miles. Black Rocks is signposted on the left hand side. There are two Car Parks at Black Rocks-Upper & Lower. If you do not pass the toilet block you are in the wrong Car Park.


MAP - Please click on link below and print yourselves a copy. (There is a 'zoom' button at the top left of the map should you require)

 this is the postcode for the houses 200 yds from the car park


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