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Winter Walking/ Navigation Skills Day

.. this fun day with Mark will show you the way!

Sat 27 Jan 2018
Wetton Village Hall, Southern Peak District # DE6 2AF
£34 Member, £39 Guest
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Mark Fenton is brilliant at easing beginners in gently to the skills and pleasures of the outdoors. It’s the type of confidence you need when everything turns white in winter and your skills and equipment are put to the test.

Based in The Peak District, Mark has designed an entertaining one day course to equip the absolute beginner with the basic skills for winter walking, especially map reading and navigation.

Morning Session (Indoors): an introduction to • Equipment • Planning • Emergency procedures • Maps •  Scale •  Grid References • Common Symbols •  Matching the map to the ground • Contours & Orientation

Afternoon Session (Outdoors): Our practical navigation exercise involves us in • Estimating Distance and Time  • Measuring Distances •  Micro Navigation •  Navigation using linear and contour features •  Following routes using the map only •  The compass •  Setting the map by use of the compass •  Taking a bearing and walking on it •  Magnetic variation •  Aiming off and attack points •  Pacing (each individual will calculate their own pacing and have ample opportunity to practice).

It is a full day course, which should prove extremely valuable when you are out on the hills. Oh … and with a bit of luck we’ll have some snow!


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