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Fly a Plane from Coventry to Stratford

.. our ultimate fixed wing flying lesson!

Sun 18 Feb 2018
Coventry Airport # CV3 4FR
10.45am for 11.00 am start
£129 Member, £139 Guest
Briefing, followed by 30 minutes flying under instruction and 30 minutes observing from the passenger seat.


Here's a brilliant way to tick off an event that is on almost every “bucket list” – yes, the opportunity to pilot an aircraft!

To make this more special, we are using a 4 seat Warrior aircraft and two Spice members per flight will share an hours flying – one taking us to Stratford (Wellesbourne Airfield) and the other flying us home. We will, of course be under expert instruction throughout.

We take off from Coventry with one Spice student in the pilots seat beside the instructor and the other observing from the back seat. Half an hour later we land in Stratford where we swap over. This way, you gain much more than with a standard lesson and get to see two airports. The views will also be lovely over the Warwickshire countryside.

We will book the number of flights neccesary and advise of time slots




f I had to name just one event that made me glad I joined Spice it would have to be this one, although the weather wasn't the best with strong gusts and reduced visibility due to a big rain/snow front moving, being in control of a light aircraft up in the sky was amazing. Keeping it level while the gusts were trying to tip you was great fun and I actually did the take off! Brilliant event, shame about the weather but you have to make do with what's thrown at you.



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