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Drumming Experience for Beginners

.. realise another childhood ambition

Sun 28 Jan 2018
Lawford Close, off Vauxhall Road B4 7XX
3.50pm for 4.00pm to 6.00pm
£19 Member, £21 Guest
Wait List Only

Click here to see video from our last workshop with Tim…..


Do you ever find yourself bashing your table top with a couple of pencils as your favourite tune blasts out of your radio? Maybe you’ve thought about playing the drums but never really pursued the idea…

This is your chance to have a go in a small friendly group led by one of the Midland’s most experienced instructors.  There has never been a better time to learn than now, with a wide range of cheap acoustic kits and realistic electric kits that can be played with headphones that don’t send the neighbours crazy!  For this session however, you needn’t buy anything as all the equipment is provided. Your instructor will guide you through the workings of the kit, how to sit at a drum kit and hold the sticks for ease of playing and then the fun begins as you learn to play your first rock beat!

Drumming is now one of the most exciting aspects of the music industry with a growing trend for older players and female players especially.  Playing a drum kit can be used as a way of relaxing and focusing the mind on a specific task, which in turn can benefit physical fitness and mental agility. Some even use it as an enjoyable way to keep fit!  This session is a fun, ‘hands on ‘ introduction for beginners. No previous experience is needed but a reasonable amount of fitness is required, also flat soled shoes are advisable.


For more info please visit: Birmingham Drum School Or call Tim on 0121 503 5849.

The school is located near to the House of Drums at Professional music technology in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. It is only a 15-minute walk from both the Bullring shopping centre and Moor street train station. There is ample parking.


Directions: Postcode for Satnav’s is B4 7XX 

Tim’s Drum School is at ‘The Music Block’ which is on Lawford Close off Vauxhall Road. There is a petrol station on the corner of the road…….





I had never even sat at a drumkit before but I have now done this workshop twice (I am not available for the follow up workshop in May but I have got the bug so I just had to go to this one).All being well I am now planning to work towards a grade with the drum school :)


 Tim was a very good teacher, and very friendly. As well as the practical tuition he gave us a bit of history of drum kits and some of the styles of playing, which was also interesting. This workshop was much better than the one I did through Spice about four, five years ago at a different studio in the Jewellery Quarter. At that we had one drum kit between four of us; at Tim's school the five of us had a drum kit each, which was is how it should be and more conducive to learning the instrument.


"I just want to say what great fun the drumming for beginners was and thanks to spice for organising it. The event has given me the confidence to take up drumming again (I last drummed in 6th form ## years ago!). I've now booked my first lesson with Tim and will see how far I can go! Pity neighbours! Lol"


I have just returned from Drumming Workshop and I am still buzzing!?* Tim is an intuitive teacher and his natural flair for finding out what style of music people like to listen to at the start means this workshop was personalised, exciting and incredibly fun I have just set up my ‘practice kit’ from a plastic patio chair and some large books and am driving my family mad already, demonstrating how much I’ve learned in such a short time     What a great event.............thank you Spice! And a huge thank you to Tim.



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