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Escape Room Challenge - NEW GAME

.. a great team challenge adventure!

Sun 14 Jan 2018
Escape Time, New Oscott, Sutton Coldfield # B73 6RG
5.35 for 5.45pm OR 7.20 for 7.30pm
Game, Spice Coordinator & Exclusive Spice Booking of Centre
Guest bookings will be charged at public price of £22. Possible curry/ drink after for those who wish
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Excape Rooms are becoming really popular, so when we got the chance to book the brand new Escape Time facility in New Oscott, we jumped straight in!


Escape Time is run by escape room fanatic and actor James Bartlett, who you may know from Dr Who, Hollyoaks or The Dumping Ground. He researched all the things he liked best from the escape rooms he had tried and has put them together in his own facility near Sutton Coldfield.


They have 2 rooms and each takes max 6 people and we have booked both rooms during the evening. There is only time for one game, so you just need to decide which to choose when booking. Each game takes approx. 1 hour. Here are the games: 


The Bank Heist: Difficulty Level 4: Security is extremely tight at The People’s Bank, with the banks jewels, valuable paintings and cash stored in a secure overnight safe area. Having studied the security patterns for 12 months, Mike Henry has instructed you that you will only have 60 minutes before the security change over is complete and you must be clear of the overnight security area. Do you and your team have what it takes to complete the heist of the century and take a cut of the profits from the resale within the criminal underground world?! Note: This game does require crawling.


The Chocolate Factory: The Chocolate Factory has malfunctioned and has run out of ingredients. The problem is the owner is away on holiday leaving you an hour to find all the ingredients locked away and to fix the machine in time before we run out of stock.Will you be able to keep your cool and keep the customers happy by finding the ingredients and fixing the machine in time?

Optional Drink/ Curry after: After we have finished, there are various options nearby for a curry and/or drink together for those who wish.


This event is organized and supplied by Bartlett Leisure Limited t/a Escape Time, whose terms and conditions apply, obtainable on request and for whom Spice act as agent.  Those booking enter into a contract directly with Escape Time












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