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Get a Life - Get a Successful Life!

.. a day with SPICE that may just change your life!

Sat 6 Jan 2018
Spice Office, Ryknild House, Burnett Rd, Streetly B74 3EL
9.45am - 10.00am until 4.30pm
£49 Member, £55 Guest
Light snack at lunch & refreshments throughout
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An introduction to creating a successful life, personally or professionally


Most people tend to see success through financial worth and achievement. However, success is different things to different people, and in truth success can be whatever you want it to be, whether that is material, emotional, personal or practical. It’s not just about achieving success, it’s also about maintaining that success through successful thinking and successful living.


Along with this people are under the illusion that success brings happiness. While it can bring moments of joy and upliftment, happiness is a product of how we are as people and how we live our life. Success is a part of that journey to happiness and being fulfilled in life. If you ask people if they would you like to be successful in an area of their life, most would say yes. However, when given the opportunity, sadly most will not achieve that success and for many reasons, the key one being their mindset, their ‘setpoint’ of thinking!


There are many techniques and approaches to help people become successful and for those who go on to achieve success, the first thing they need is develop is the ‘belief’ that it can happen.


If this subject is of interest and you would like to explore it more, then this day is for you!


This is a one-day introduction iSeminar takes you on a journey to:

          Identify what success means and could be for you.

          What are your dreams, goals and passions.

          Investigate what you want in life that you do not have now.

          Look at some of the reasons that block success and identify a few of yours.

          See where your attitude to life is hanging out, good stuff or not so good, where’s your mind set point, where are your beliefs.

          Understand what it means to live from love and explore energy connections.

          Create an action list of things you can do to achieve your success.


This iSeminar (Interactive seminars) is a combination of lecture and experiential activity, designed to help you gain the most from your time. It would be expected that all attendees engage fully in the day to gain the most from it, why wouldn’t you! It includes exercises, discussions, working in small groups and exchange of thoughts and ideas. Come with an enquiring mind and some ideas of the things you would like to achieve or passions you may wish to share in the world. Also, bring a pen and pad, an open mind and a good reason to be there.


Your facilitator Roy Martin MBE has been running life changing events for SPICE for over seventeen years. He’s passionate about helping people overcome their limitations, resistances and old programming so they can step into their successful dreams, visions or passions, whether that is personally, professionally or in business.

Roy works on the field of Personal and Business Development and Growth as a mentor and practitioner, enabling people to step into life that is meaningful and purposeful.



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