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Spice Death Club

.. Spice do our version of "Death Cafe"

Mon 15 Jan 2018
Meet inside Spice Office, Streetly B743EJ
8pm Start (ends around 9.30pm)
Drinks & cakes at the Spice Office
No charge to book, but collection will be made for the charity CRUSE bereavement care on the day. A suggested donation of around £5 would be very appreciated by the charity.
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Yes, you did read this right. And no, we’re not going mad!


You may have heard of the popularity of an international organisation called Death Café who meet all over the world to empower people by discussing the subject of death. We are not part of that organisation, but we have on our team a very experienced facilitator who is a bereavement specialist and has offered to run a Spice evening along the same principals. If it proves popular it could become a regular part of our programme.


The idea: is to gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death. The objective is to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives. Like Death Cafe it will be a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. We will all have our own experiences, yet we must be clear that this is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counselling session.

We all have one life and one death. A healthy understanding and attitude towards death can certainly help us to make the very most of our life. The best way to break the power of a taboo (even this, the final one) is to talk about it freely.


See more: Death Café have a video called “Why I Talk About Death” that explains their concept and may be helpful in deciding if our Spice version is for you: HERE


Our facilitator, Adam Page is a professional bereavement specialist and works for the respected charity Cruse Bereavement Care who we will have a collection for tonight. You may also know Adam as he works part time as the Financial Controller for Spice, but tonight he is freely giving his time for a movement and cause that he is passionate about.


Places: We are limited to a maximum of around 10 places and we expect it to be a popular evening. So please, only book if you know you will be able to turn up and let us know in good time if you have to cancel so that we can offer your place to somebody else.


The venue (& Cake!): Rather than a café, we are using the meeting room of the Spice office in Streetly where there will be free tea, coffee and cake. The Spice Office is in a building called Ryknild House on Burnett Road in Streetly. We are on the 1st Floor above 3 shops (Resolve Physiotherapy, Obsessions & Mimosa). There are parking spaces along the front and on the road side. The entrance to the offices is on the right hand side of the building. Press the top buzzer and we'll let you in - come upstairs and we are at the far end of the corridor.




Spice Death Club was excellent and I would be really interested in future events. 

Adam facilitated the meeting very well and I think there were just the right number of people there.  


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