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Sun 3 Jun 2018
Charity Donation Only
Charity Donation Only
£2 Bronze Sponsor, £5 Silver Sponsor, £10 Gold Sponsor, £25 Diamond Sponsor

Cost:  £2 Bronze Sponsor, £5 Silver Sponsor, £10 Gold Sponsor, £25 Diamond Sponsor (for other amounts, please call 0121 353 6161)


If you haven’t already been tackled for sponsorship by one of our runners, you can show your support by sponsoring the entire team!   We’ve made this simple by offering the 4 “one click options” above, however, if you want to give more, less or a different amount, we can do this over the phone. All money goes directly to the chosen charity (we carry all the admin/ credit card fees). If every member gave just £2, that would be £6000 & make a massive difference to the charity.


This year’s Spice charity for GMFR: We have supported many excellent charities over the years. This year’s charity will be confirmed in early 2018.


When you donate, your name (not amount) will appear on the “who’s booked” list unless you are set up as “name withheld” – and we promise you huge respect in return (and to run extra fast for you!)



Now That's What I Call an Anniversary Party! (Sat 28th Apr 2018)
Stylish Dining at The Bank (Thu 10th May 2018)
South Devon Bank Holiday Walking and Social Weekend (Fri 25th May 2018 - Mon 28th May 2018)
Richard's Long Walk to London (Sponsorship) (Thu 12th Jul 2018 - Wed 18th Jul 2018)
Corpus Christi College Oxford: Private Dinner and Stay (Thu 27th Sep 2018 - Fri 28th Sep 2018)

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