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Booking events

How do I book an event

Click the Event tab on the left to get into the event booking system, then your six digit membership number as well as a password to log in (see below). You may view but not book events as a guest

Event availability

We sometimes share events with other Spice groups (ie weekends).  Only the numbers of bookings taken by our group will show.  The lead Spice group will show all bookings.  So if you see an event that appears to have only a few people booked onto it, please don't think you have plenty of time to book it, as other members throughout the country will be thinking the same. 

Logging in and passwords

You will need your six digit membership number as well as a password to log in. To obtain a password, click on the 'Forgotten/Need Your Password' link on the 'Member Login' screen. This will open a new window. Enter your Membership ID and click the 'Send Password' button. The system will allocate a random password and send it to your email address. Please note that the system can only email your password if we have your current email address on our database. If we don't have an email address for you, please email or call  0121 353 6161 .

Changing your password

Once you have logged in with your allocated password, you can change it to suit you. To change your password, click the 'My Details' button at the bottom of any of the calendar screens. This will show details of your bookings and below that, click 'Change My Password'. Please note that the password is case sensitive.

If you tick the 'Remember Me' box, the system will store this information (using a 'cookie') on you computer. You then won't have to re-type your membership ID and password each time you want to login to the system. This requires cookies to be enabled within your browser. We do not recommend that you use this option if anyone else has access to your PC.

Problems logging in?

It's probably because you don't have cookies enabled on your computer. For the non-technical, a cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer, so that a website knows who you are or if you have been to that website before. If cookies are not enabled on your computer, you will be unable to log in to the Spice online booking system. If you change the settings on your computer to enable cookies, you will be able to log in. If the computer you are using is not your own, please ensure that you have authority to change the computer settings. Some companies have a policy to block all cookies, regardless of their origin.

How do I view/book events?

You don't have to be logged in to view events. Click any of the 'Events' links to display the list of events, calendar options, along with details of the events this week, this weekend, next week and next weekend.

What if an event is full?

If an event is full, there will be an 'Add Wait List' button instead of the usual 'Book Event' button. If you click this option, the system will add the event to your shopping basket, and no money will be taken. If a place becomes available, we will contact you to enquire if you still want to go on the event. If you do, we will require payment by debit or credit card before we can confirm your booking. There is no obligation to book an event if a place becomes available.

Credit notes

If we have issued you with a credit note you can use it when you 'go to checkout'. The system can validate credit note numbers as they are entered. If a credit note number is invalid or the credit note has been used, the system will return you to the checkout screen. Please note that the credit note number must be quoted in full. The system will automatically deduct the value of the credit note from your booking. If your credit note is for more than the booking, the system will automatically use the credit note and issue a new credit note for the balance, which will be emailed to you.  Please note only credit notes issued by Spice West Midlands may be used.

The 'My Details' screen

Using the 'My Details' button at the bottom of any of the calendar screens, you can see details of all the events that you have outstanding.

A green 'Book' icon means that you are booked onto an event.

A red 'Canc' icon indicates that your booking on an event has been cancelled, either by yourself or by Spice.

A light 'Wait List Only' icon indicates that you have been added to the Wait List for an event that is full.

An orange 'Pending' icon indicates that you have booked an event, but we have not yet processed your booking onto our database. Please note that your booking is not confirmed until you see the Green 'Book' icon in the status column. This is because the online system is not yet fully interactive with the office system.

A blue 'Pay Bal Now' icon will flash if a balance is due. Simply click on this to pay the balance by debit/credit card or credit note. By clicking the 'Pay Bal Now' icon the system will add the outstanding balance to your shopping basket. You can then book other events in the normal way or go straight to checkout and pay the balance.

Event Availability: If you book an event that has limited availability, the spaces shown may have all gone by the time we can process your booking. If this is the case, we will put you on the Wait List and let you know. If there are any problems with your booking, we will let you know by email or phone.

Please note that the email sent to you is purely for your records and is not a confirmation of acceptance of your bookings.