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Fun Feedback

We love to read (and share) your feedback on events, so please let us know how we’re doing.

All the time we are trying new ideas, new approaches, new venues, new suppliers etc. It is vital that we know if there are problems or potential improvements to be made, so that we can seek to put things right for the future. We never want to be in the position of making the same mistake twice! Where necessary we will do our best to gain compensation for substantive issues.

It’s also great when you tell us how well an event has gone – as this makes all our efforts worthwhile.

Here is some feedback received from recent events


Friday Fish & Chip Race Night

 “Great night for socialising and meeting people plus the excitement of the races without the risk of losing money!”

  “A great night out if you want the adrenalin of gambling without the cost - Food was very good”

  “Really enjoyed this event - really down to Steve Dell's excellent hosting skills, he is always really friendly and inclusive and creates a lovely atmosphere at any of his events. Evening was great fun, got to talk to a few new people and so will definitely do more of Steve's social events”

 Syriana Syrian/ Lebanese Dinner Shuffle

 “Such fun & definitely more than the sum of its parts!”

  “It is the first time I have participated in a dinner shuffle event and found it enhanced the overall experience. I met some really lovely people and would it to anyone who enjoys good food and great company”

 Windsor Experience Day By Coach

 “my first visit toWindsorCastleand definitely won't be my last and Ian's walk aroundWindsorwas very informative, as always”

 “The Windsor Day by coach was another excellent day out with Ian Jelf. We were treated on the way down toWindsorto an unscheduled tour of the Oxfordshire countryside, with commentrary from Mr Jelf thanks to a blockage on the M40 and a swift diversion taken by our coach driver. The tour ofWindsorandEtonwas as always packed with facts, interesting (and at times random) information! Plenty of time after the tour to explore the Castle or town with the added bonus of the castle ticket becoming a free pass for the coming year - I will definitely be back soon! A great day out, very good value and very enjoyable”

 Cannock Chase Mountain Biking

 “Great instruction and skills tips followed by an awesome ride of your life through woods and rocks. Not for the faint hearted”

  “It was a fun day over Cannock Chase which is a great venue for riders of all abilities. I enjoyed learning new skills and putting it into practice out on the trails. Nice to know there was a first aider there just in case it went wrong”

  “The best thing about this event was learning from Simon who was a really good instructor. I do quite alot of mountain biking but have never been tought any skills or tehcniques. It was good putting his advice into practice on the trails”

 Mid Wales Hill Walking Weekend

 “This is the best spice event I've been on and they've all been really good! I've been a member for 6 months now and probably because of this, I found I knew most people on event. The people were fab, the scenery on the walks was exceptional. It will take me a while to stop boring my non spice friends about this weekend!”

 Indoor Climbing

 “I think this is a great venue with friendly and professional staff”

  “It was my first event and a good introduction to Spice - great fun, I'd recommend to anyone”

 Night In The Trenches

 “A great night out from start to finish!”

  “A one-off experience - really enjoyed the whole night. Obviously the reconstruction is nothing like as horric as the real WW1 trenches were, but the explanations of what life in the trenches was really like was really thought-provoking and made glad NOT to have been alive at the time!! Food was good too. Thanks to all concerned for a great night”

  “An enjoyable, educational and unique experience, not to be missed!”

Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' Dance Workshop

 “I was pleased to see people of all ages and abilities doing this event. It was suitable for anyone-if I can do it, anyone can!”

 “Really enjoyed the class, it was a good giggle and good exercise. Beyonce eat your heart out!”

 “2nd event, good fun, was introduced to bits of me that I didn't know existing till they hurt!”

 “This was so much fun...finding our inner Beyonce and Sheena was brilliant at bringing her out! What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon...come on you single ladies!”

 “Good for a first event as everyone is in the same boat and you have something to talk about during the breaks, Sheena is a real woman not a skinny "gym bunny" type so as a woman in her 40's I didnt feel intimidated!Sharonwas a lovely host”


 “Istanbulis so worth a visit. Highly recommended. We barely scratched the surface of such a vibrant and exciting city, but thanks to Richard's knowledge of the city we were able to pack in so much into just a couple of days. It was the equivalent of extreme sight-seeing and so enjoyable. All the sight were amazing from the Blue Mosque to theTopkapiPalace. Even rain and sleet couldn't put a dampner on the event. Having afternoon tea at thePeraPalacehotel was such a treat. Really enjoyable company during the meals out in the evenings. Would seriously recommend”

  “I love the European trips offered by Spice WM. Although quite pricey in comparison with some providers, the level of service is excellent.Istanbulin particular proved to be an unforgettable experience (have already been toAntwerp, Krakow,VeniceandSevillewith Spice, and am now planning for theLisbonone - I hear more are in the pipeline, yippee!)”

 “A great event with lovely people in a fascinating city”

  The trip toIstanbulwas fanatastic. We packed so much into the two full days that we spent there, seeing many of the interesting and varied tourist sights. Richard was an excellent co-ordinator”

 Quiz (General Knowledge)

 “Always enjoy the quiz. A great way of meeting fellow Spicers”

  “Absolutley brilliant, best event so far. Great way to get to know other spice members especially if you are on your own”

 Soirée Gastronomique In Leamington

 “Overall I would say this was one of the best meals I've been to with Spice. The restaurant was lovely and we had a private area. The service was some of the best i've know, especially for such a large number and the food was delicious!”

  “Excellent event. Great venue & quality of meal - superb value”

 “Food was amongst some of the best that I have had in a restaurant and considering the size of our party it arrived very hot. Restaurant itself was busy with non spicers for a Tuesday night so obviously has an excellent reputation in the localLeamingtonarea”


Bath & Bristol Weekend

  “Another excellent Steve Dell weekend. Please keep them coming!”

  “Fab weekend, excellent hotel, location, food and comfort!. Lots to do inBristol. UnfortunatelyBathwas exceptionally busy on this visit, due to Christmas markets, rugby and football, but interesting visit to Roman Baths. Good event to socialise even though I felt some in the group could of made more of an effort. Steve was brilliant at making everybody feel welcome and at ease .. even if he did try and get us run over several times crossing the road! Really enjoyed the weekend. Thankyou!”

 Western Style Rifle Shooting

  “Well-organised and highly enjoyable event. Due to the nature of the event, I expected the fun police to be out in full force. Whilst being safety concious, the instructors encouraged everyone to have fun .. and I did!”

 Center Parcs Christmas Party Weekend

  “My first time at Center Parcs and I will definitely be back! Thought that the set up and lay out of the park was good and was surprised at how nice the accomodation was. Having heard all the rumours and stories I can confirm that you can have as much or as little fun as you wish! A very social occassion and lots and lots of fun. Dont be afraid to go over the top with fancy dress as its just not possible to over do it! Advisable to eat in the chalets as this helps you to get to know fellow chalet mates, is lovely with a nice log fire in the background and cuts down on overall cost. A really fun, social weekend”

 Flirting for Fun

  “This was a Tena Lady day! I have never laughed so much in my life - my jaw ached at the end of the day. I cannot recommend it highly enough! Superb!”

  “I can't remember the last time I was so uncomfortable, embarrassed, feeling awkward .. and loving every minute of it. It was so funny and you really do learn things about people. 10 out of 10”

 “Kate was brilliant as ever, she is so entertaining. Would recommend anyone joining Spice to do this workshop.  I laughed so much my jaw was aching!”

  “What can I say that hasn’t already been said by previous members who have attended this event .. I take some pleasing!, but believe me, this workshop "pleased" me .. and more! It was from beginning to end just brilliant.  Kate has a gift .. she so easily delivers the day and constantly has you laughing .. This is easily a brilliant event for those who have just joined, or like me still lack confidence in attending events, but the whole group was a good mix of people and so friendly .. thanq to everybody involved for such a brilliant day! Highly recommended - haven't laughed so much for a long time, a great bunch of people and Kate was excellent”

 “A Must Do.Great fun and a great way to meet other people. A very leveling event”

  “It was all brilliant. I was slightly nervous (only my 2nd event) as to what I was getting in to, but was quickly put at ease by Kate. If it was just a comedy act it would be very funny, but many / all of the points Kate made hit home so hopefully it will help me in the future. I previously had thought 'body language' was a dark art, not common sense! A fantastically enjoyable worthwhile day!”

Get that Job!

  “Informative day, Mandy is knowledgeable in the field of recruitment and also very approachable. Good idea to take your CV if you have one prepared!”

  “Excellent value for money, very well run day and extremely useful event. Anyone thinking about changing careers or looking for a job MUST attend”

 Confessions of a Tour Guide

  “Having been on a few of Ian Jelf's waks, I was really looking forward to this. It didn’t disappoint. A really hailarious and entertaining evening from a very funny man. I would highly recommend it”

  We were late, only arriving at halftime. We had a great time and want the event repeated as soon as possible so that we hear the first half! Ian was wonderful as usual”

  “Couldnt stop laughing. He has lead a very interesting life as a tour guide and I loved his anecdotes and the telling of the situations he found himself in”

  “I could listen to Ian's stories for hours! This talk is over all too quickly”

  “Hilarious from beginning to end. This was the second time I have attended because I had to leave early the first time. Still very worthwhile - some new material and lots I had forgotten and still laughed at again”

  “It was such a laugh, the reality of people is very much more amusing than made up stories. Made me feel a bit more sympathy for people who are tour guides!”

 Segway Intro And Woodland Race At Garlands

 “Excellent fun and very easy to do as you are given expert guidance and a bit of training before being let loose on the main course. I would definitely recommend giving it a go”

  “Fantastic Day I was so excited about this event from the moment I booked it to the driving toGarlands. The two Instructors were fantastic and briefed us fully, then let us off on the course by ourselves. I once did the Quad Biking in Oaker Woods (Herefordshire) and didn’t enjoy it half as much as I did this event. Well worth it. Looking forward to maybe doing the half day!”


"It was great to try rowing without the fear of falling in as we had stabilisers on the boats. Really enjoyed trying this sport, and would love to do it aain sometime. We had the option to take out stabilisers off at the end - it was so wobbily - the professionals make it look so easy!"

"Whilst i proved to be more like VANESSA Redgrave than STEVE Redgrave, this event (sCulling, not sKulling) was hugeley enjoyable. Ok, so Edgbaston reservoir isn't exactly Henley, but we soon had ourselves skimming across the water in style - with our stabilisers on! Instructor Tim was brilliant - the right amount of instruction versus intervention. Fantastic fun and something ive been looking for on the calender for ages. I'd do this again in a heartbeat - but be prepared for the mud when the reservoir is low, not a day for keeping the white trainers clean :-) Brilliant. Cheers for setting this one up and a huge thanks to Tim for his patient instruction...and to the great bunch of Spicers that had a really good go at this".


"Having only ever done my rowing in the gym I jumped at the chance to try it for real on the water. Following a short session on a rowing machine to hone our technique we were introduced to the equipment and given a thorough safety briefing. We then ventured out onto the water starting with some confidence building exercises and then setting out on our own aiming to get across and around the reserviour. A few minor collisions ensued as we tried to get to grips with how to steer and realising that there are no brakes. I felt very safe though as the boat seemed be virtualy impossible to capsise and we were always under the watchful eye of the expert instructor. I really enjoyed this event and could not believe how quickly the time disappeared. It really is true that time flies when you're having fun".


"Great techniques and ideas on how to generate them. It's got me motivated about living life to the full again. Now I just need to go aahead and implement the ideas."


"I am totally new to spice. Had a truly excellent time. Great venue, tremendous organisation, delicious, well presented food. But most importantly for me - I came to dance and boy did I dance the night. Have not had a dancing fun night out for about 20 years. If a ball is your thing get your dancing shoes on and have a ball!"

"Always a lovely venue, the Botanical Gardens doesn't disappoint, and the first drinks on the terrace give a chance to mingle and meet friends. The food was very good, and the restaurant staff attentive to dietary needs. This year's band weren't quite to my taste (even a bit out of tune at times), but there was a good DJ on hand to play the stuff that gets us Spicers out on the dance floor."


"Very well organised and executed event in a superb location. The venue did a great job of serving the food to everybody at the same time. My only suggestion is that for the price we paid it would have been nice to have been greeted with a welcome glass of champagne to do justice to the whole event. Well done all!"


"Excellent venue, excellent food, brilliant people and Spice members, cannot wait for the forthcoming 30th ball"

"Another excellent party night with Spice! I love the Botanical Gardens, such a lovely venue for this annual summer event!"


"Don't miss the summer ball, the location is beautiful, food is really good and the fun and dancing is second to none."




"If you are a new member please believe when Spice say their members are very friendly. I chose Al fFresco dining as my first event and even though I had to work very hard at taking the plunge to walk into the area alone, i shouldn't have worried Maggie was at hand to introduce me to some really lovely people and I had a thoroughtly enjoyable evening and I am very excited about my next event. Don't be nervous about attending an event on your own, after a few seconds you will feel as if you have always been a member."

"Venue, food and entertainment excellent. Bit on the pricey side but a good night out."

"This was a great night out at a convenient city centre location the food was very good (could have done with a steak knife for the meat) but otherwise a good night out.



"This was an excellent weekend. Steve, the co-ordinator was organised and efficient and made sure everyone felt welcomed. The racing at Ascot was great fun and the 80s concert, despite some ropey performances and a torrential downpour halfway through, was very enjoyable. The walk through Windsor Park was done at a good pace and it was to see the stunning scenery. I would throughly recommend this weekend".


"Outstanding weekend great mix of racing, music and walking thank you"

"The whole weekend was very well planned out to the finest detail . The meals were very well organised . I thorougly enjoyed the whole weekend I had been to Windsor before but never to ascot or on the long walk"


"A fantastic weekend which was really good value for money and a great laugh. Most remember to take fancy hat next time :) many thanks Steve".




"I had to brag at work that I'd been to polo match, drank champagne, met the polo players and had a lovely afternoon".


"It was a perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday. Lovely surroundings. Good company. Delicious food. Handsome men riding horses. A really relaxing day."

"A lovely social / relaxing event whilst watching sport. A very pleasant day out. Can't wait for the next one."


"This was a lovely evening, the scenery was beautiful, the welcome warm and the food was gorgeous. Highly recommended".


"This was my first event and I felt it felt a bit daunting before I got there! But it was fine and relaxing with a good mix of people"


"A fantastic evening out at a really lovely venue. Food excellent, service excellent, everything - just excellent !"


"As ever at the Jinney Ring, the food is flavoursome and plentiful; they know how to do a specialist night very well. the games were good fun to watch or participate in too. it was a very relaxed night with some mad conversations with people who i'd never met before. also have to add that the musicians were excellent and we all apreciated the genuine sound throughout the evening. well done Spice, the Jinney Ring and the musicians! 10/10 "

"Polynesian night was very good. There was a friendly fun atmosphere. Food was excellent and plentiful. A very enjoyable evening. Would definitely attend another event at the Jinney Ring."

"A great event at a wonderful venue, the food was perfect and the atmosphere supurb"




"The Aromatherapy Massage workshop for beginners was excellent. A great balance of information about aromatherapy and essential oils and plenty of opportunity to practice massage on each other. A lovely way to spend a Sunday"


"I've been taking photographs for many years, and now I know what all the bells and whistles on my digital camera are for, and how to use them ! A great day, great location, good instruction - everyone, from novice to experienced photographer will learn something, and now I'm looking forward to my next set of holiday pix"



"A glorious day in a beautiful location experiencing a taste of yesteryear on the tranquility of a narrow boat being towed by a shire horse - how it used to be done! Bliss. Can't wait to go back."


"This was a great event, beautiful scenery and a very relaxing day."


"An excellent day out and very good value for money. Sarah, the co-ordinator was very good".

"I thoroughly enjoyed this event. It was extremely well organised by both the Spice Co-ordinators and the suppliers of the boat tours. Views were superb, weather was glorious and great company! I'd definitely recommend this event".


"This is a lovely place to eat and the board room made it feel like a really special occassion. I had the roast beef and it was just perfect. We were also provided with extra vegetables, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and gravy so no one went away hungry. It is certainly somewhere I recommend and I am going to keep an eye out as I would be one of the first names on any future bookings here".

"Brilliant venue. Great atmosphere and food."



"A lovely new building, friendly staff and the food was traditional and great"

"Food was very good, served in friendly manner. Enjoyed evening and would recommend to others."

"I enjoyed the shuffle and meal (except for no veg), the staff very friendly, co-ordinator excellent, gave me lots of advice for future events.Overall good value for money in nice surroundings"


"It's a nice venue, bit of an oasis in Walsall. Easy to find, plenty of free parking after Food was nice, service good but I think it was a touch expensive for what was on offer."


"Really good way to meet people as the event was open to all Spice Groups and I met people from Manchester and London as well as my hometown. Will definitely do this again as there is such a variety to do. My highlight was going to the Cavern Club and listening to Bands"

"This was my first weekend away with Spice & would recommend it to any spice member. We laughed all weekend & visited some great places"

"As always Steve co-ordinated this weekend extremely well helping the group to bond together whilst allowing people to do their own thing if they wanted. A brilliant weekend for making new friends and basically having fun with a great group of people. Finally, congratulations to our Yorkshire member Jude for her brilliant singing on the Cavern stage and showing that Spice Has Got Talent!"


"I had never been to this type of workshop before and it went beyond what I had expected from the write-up. Well worth going for it. Tom was excellent as a tutor and very encouraging. All round a great day including meeting other Spice members - very social. I wish there was a follow-up session/workshop".

"I was intrigued by this when I saw it and have to say it was an excellent day and very good VFM. Tom was an excellent instructor and guided us superbly through the day's activities. The final "routine" was a tad nerve-racking and suffice to say I don't think I'll be giving the professionals anything to worry about! Very much recommended if you have any interest in the workings of stand-up comedy or just want a fun activity day".

"I really enjoyed it. It helped in confidence building as well as what it was advertised as providing."


"Excellent way to spend a sunday afternoon, on a leisurely canal cruise"

"I had a really lovely time on the real ale cruise. Lovely set of people and we all had a laugh together. The band were excellent and it was lovely that they played a few of the cornier / well known tracks as well! We were blessed with a lovely day which made floating along very pleasant indeed. Also thought the fish and chips were good value and proper chip shop chips which I love! Sandra East the co-ordinator was very friendly, helpful and mixed around the griup very well, Yes, I would definately do this event again."

"Had a really enjoyable day would certainly do it again , the musicians were excellent and friendly ,a bit dissapointed with the chicken and chips ,fish looked a better choice"

"At first the barge seemed a little cramped, but once we were settled that didn't metter and in fact helped with the friendly atmosphere. The band were excellent and entertaining, the real ale was good, and the general social ambiance was the best of all. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.


"This was another fantastic dance workshop with Sheena and I'm already looking forward to the next one".

"This is a great event for new comers to Spice as you can't help but chat and laugh with fellow Spicers whilst learning 3 great dance routines! A wonderful way to spend an afternoon!"

"Sheena was a really good instructor, she took us through the routines with a sense of fun and at the same time gave encouragement but without pressure. It was great when we were able to put it all together and dance with a real sense of achievement. I will definitely book Sheena's workshops again!"

"So much better than going to the gym and much more fun!"


"This was the first dinner shuffle I've tried and it was great fun. Good food, lots of conversation and very well co-ordinated. The perfect way to break up the week"

"This was a lovely venue and the food was excellent. The chocolate brownie with peanut butter ice-cream should get a special mention as it was delicious!"


"Another brilliant workshop with Bob and Julia. I always come away feeling positive and buzzing with inspiration".

"A fabulous workshop and one to remember, in fact I've gone to work afterwards and can tell them what to look out for."

"Well organised, Good fun very enlighting"


"What a fantastic event! We were greeted with a choice of colour for our ukulele, and given a mini history of the instrument before plunging into some simple songs with great gusto. Joanna is a brilliant tutor and made everyone from the most experienced guitarist to the complete novice very welcome. Everyone participated and we made quite a good noise, complete with chord changes (some even at the right time!). G7 is now a swear word, though. It was a real laugh with a great bunch of people. I'd even suggest a Spice ukulele orchestra in time for one of next summer's festivals!"

"This event was very good fun, value for money and socially excellent. I cant fault it. Perhaps spice could get together a whole load of people who play instruments and do a whole day work shop with ukulele, saxophne and singing in different sessions throughout the day"

"I've never played an instrument in my life but even so I had a really enjoyable couple of hours, strumming and singing away ! I didn't learn as much as some but I'm not complaining about it, at least I learnt something and while doing so had a lot of fun".

"The tutors were very skilled and enthusiastic, lots of laughter as well as music".


"I really enjoyed the ghost night at Dudley Castle. The guide David was really knowledgable about the history of the castle and the event was a good balance of activities, with a tour of the castle, time for chatting and meeting others on the event during the meal/drinks and then the vigils at the end of the night."

"This was an excellent event that I really enjoyed. As it was my first event I was very pleased with the organisation of the evening. The guide was also very knowledgeable and friendly."


"Spice meals are a great way to get to know new people as well as catch up with friends. Bank is one of my favourite restaurants in Birmingham, it was great to have a meal there in a relaxed atmosphere"

"A very good evening. Excellent food. Would definitely go again"

"Bank is a lovely restuarant & this meal was really good value for money. It was a great night with brilliant company and lovely food"

"Lovely meal, food very tasty, staff welcoming, would recommend anyone to try this event".


"Good event which allows you to do everything at the races from seeing the horses parade round watch the races and place bets as well as see the backroom stuff have a meal and meet wonderful people."

"After the rain at the weekend, the sun shone, as we were met by the wonderful Managing Director of Warwick Racecourse who gave us such an enthusiastic talk about the history of the course and about the Racing as we strode across the course. All this followed up by an enjoyable buffet while placing our bets and enjoying the races amongst great company. We did have a laugh as very few of us had a clue as to what we were doing. Even though I did not fair at all well in the winning stakes, felt the evening was a winner all round (how corny is that!)!"

"Very enjoyable and informative! (However the lucky shamrock failed dismally...) Suggest run Workshop on how to place bets, and or understand race card!-perhaps Spice member could run it?"


"I haven't done an event for a while but this was great - I really felt I had learnt something useful and my little team were great fun to work with. Alan was a great instructor - patient and clear in what to do. There was enough variety and would love a follow up event to put into practise what we'd learnt."

"It was great to learn a new skill;even after this short introduction to navigation,I would feel confident enough to go out into the countryside armed with a map and compass and find my way around (and back!!). I disscussed with Alan the possibility of doing a follow up,more advanced navigation event,and he thought it would be a good idea,so I hope this is given some consideration at the Spice office."


"A real good fun evening. I would highly recommend it and don't worry if you've never played Poker before, Jim will explain everything and all will be clear once you start playing."

"I've been many times to the Poker Night. Jim runs it excellently and always makes it a good night. It's competitive but not to a really serious level and is a lot of fun to participate in."

"I would rate this event ideal for newcomers, everyone very sociable as with most events btu you cannot help but meet people."

"A cheerful and relaxed host who gave us clear instructions on how to play. Plenty of time to chat whilst playing which made the evening a good social occasion and also meant there was something to talk about and so the conversation flowed. Drinks pricey at Lea Marston but it is the same at most hotels - just be prepared. Would recommend this event to other Spicers".

"Didn't know a thing about Poker. Jim explained it SO very well. I could nott have done without the ranking guide-boards on the wall though ! Thoroughly enjoyed it - recommend it to anyone".


"This event is great for all; from beginners to more experienced dancers. Kevin & Christine are very patient teachers and taught the dance steps in a very easy to follow way. Considering the even is only a couple of hours long, we all managed to put together some semblance of a ballroom dance, which is pretty good going! I loved this event."

"Excellent Dance workshop"

"The Latin Dance Masterclass was brilliant, everyone was friendly. People did not take it to seriously so when I made a mistake did not feel bad, we all just laughed."


"Good team fun, I dident know anyone,it dident matter, I was made welcome, I'd do it again"

"I had a fantastic day out, it was my first Spice Event everyone was really nice and friendly and made me feel very welcome"

"A great day out. Just wish I could have spent more time in the "house" and not as much time hanging around outside. This could be achieved by having smaller groups even if it was a bit more expensive. Also it would be good to have some team colours like armbands or something so if you split up inside the house you don't end up shooting your own men - as we ended up doing ! A great day out nontheless. I'd definately have another go but wear plenty of padding and especially some padded gloves"


"A fascinating talk on a subject of interest to all.The speaker presented as a professional, sensitive person, with a sense of humour. I wonder if it's too soon to book up for my own do............?

"You may think its strange to describe an evening on this subject matter as enjoyable - but it was. Thoroughly recommend it. Not morbid, or sad but informative and interesting presented by a lady who you could listen to all night - and we nearly did!"

"This was a really fascinating insight to the world of the undertaker. I have never been in the position of having to arrange a funeral so was amazed by the array of rules, regulations and the various processes, for example, the different requirements of burial versus cremation, the role of the coroner and issue of death certificates. It wasn't all dry facts, however, neither was it morbid.The presenter spoke very elloquently and obviously had a great sense of humour but at the same time was obviously respectful of the deceased and their families"

"A very informative evening - would recommend anyone to go on this in the future as it tackles the subject of death and funerals with compassion and practicalities that go with it"


"I thought Dr Dudley was excellent and very informative. I would definitely go on another Dr Dudley tour!"

"Dr David talk was very informative( seen him before on conquering fear of spiders workshop); Rose was very helpful; we were able to look around the zoo afterwards for the rest of the day; I am thinking of booking for the Twycross zoo day"

"Getting the guided tour from Dr Dudley gave an important insight into the vital conservation work that Dudley zoo do, which I can say i didnt fully appreciate. I would recommend this visit to anyone"

"Great event! Dr Dudley combines insight and information in an articulate yet humourous way"

"Went to Dudley Zoo about 20 years ago and was rather disappointed, so approached this Spice event with some apprehension. Need not have worried! Zoo has improved dramatically and a guided tout is always going to be far more enjoyable than visiting on your own. So, if you haven't been here for some years, give it a go"

"Fantastic outing again. Cant wait for more like this"

"Thank you Dr Dudley for a lovely and informative day - what a special place to have on our doorstep, I'm already encouraging my sister and friends with kids to go and have a look round"

"Again another really brilliant event. The group was a good mixture of people and everyone got on really well. It was really interesting learning more about the Zoo and animals that you would not normally pick up when you go around on your own. Will definately be doing something similar again"


"Totally amazing day. It was my first spice event and everyone made me feel very welcome. Ruth was fantastic - put everyone at ease. I laughed so much that my face was still aching the next day. Totally awesome day!"

•"t was a great fun day. At first I was totally out of my comfort zone but it gave me serious food for thought. Not just from a flirting point of view but from a social skills perspective and I certainly came away with some new skills to test out. Kate is very funny and the fun aspect of the day makes you remember the salient points all the more. I would definately go to another of her workshops"

"A lot of fun as well as practical tips about interpersonal skills generally"


"The venue made lots of efforts to welcome us, with free drinks, free games, and a very good fun period of learning how the tables work by using their chips!"

"I thought this event was really good value, the meal was excellent for the price of the event. The casino staff made us really welcome and were very patient as we learnt the ropes. All round quite fascinating to watch people bet quite large sums of money they can't recover!!"


"Both the facilitators were excellent and inspirational speakers. Read the book ' Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway' and go to this workshop it will change your life for the better"

"Brilliant workshop, i would recommend it to anyone. It makes you really stop and think analyze your self who you are and what life is all about. I feel that that was the first day of the rest of my life - excellent"


"have three words for this event.....I LOVED IT!!!"

"fun, fun from start to finish. I didn't stop smiling throughout :-)"

" fab fun...and what a workout. Becky the instructor was great and the spice girls were all up for the challenge - a lovely bunch - great way to spend a Sunday afternoon."



"Despite the long delays on the return home through London, I shared a wonderful day viewing the 2012 Olympic Site, made extra special by Ian J's narrative. We always hear when something goes wrong - let Ian tell you about something going so right! Felt proud to be British and would definitely go again to see the progress with other interested family members. Wonderful opportunity to do something I would not really of thought to do on a Sunday - Thanks to Ian, Spice and our driver, Matt."

"Ian is always full of unusual information and he was just the same on this event. We had a really good day out."


"I would recommend this event to all members particually those new members to spice.
Steve is an excelent organiser and makes sure that you are never left alone and ensures that everyone is orgaised into teams.The food was also excelent value for money.

"The best part of the event is Steve his organisation was excellent. He also introduced new members to join in and made sure no one was on their own."


"The Austrian Christmas Dinner was a great event for a Spice virgin like myself. Everyone was very welcoming and the food was brilliant and off course I got the added bonus of sitting on Santa's lap!!. I am really looking forward to attending my next event"

"It was a lovely place and we were made welcome instantly. The bar was really small but there was plenty of room for the main event. Good food, fun and socialising and a very peculiar santa turned up who sounded remarkably like Richard"

"Geat evening. Not stingy, not expensive, great company and a surprise Santa to boot. Thow that in with a good spanking and it was a great evening".

"Franzyl's is a hidden gem in a back street of Bearwood. the food and welcome are both excellent aided by a special visit from Father Christmas who made the night I though. Make sure you book this event before it sells out!!"

"This was my first spice event, and I really enjoyed it. Everyone made me feel very welcome and will certainly be attending many more"


"This was a good value and interesting event and well worth doing.Far better value, longer duration and less crowded, but just as interesting as the candle light tour of Warwick Castle."

"The tour guide was very informative and brought humour to the talks she gave us"

"I enjoyed the commentary given by our tour guide on the way round the castle. I thought she really bought life at the time to life and made it very engaging."


"Our coordinator Sarah Harris was superb and very welcoming. The coordinators lodge had been decorated for Christmas which was a great touch. The quiz was very enjoyable, although a little disorganised when it came to the quiz master, but that added to the amusement value. Just the general Spice atmosphere of having fun and meeting new people. I also had some great lodge mates!"

"Was a great weekend as usual - worth the trek up there through the snow and fog! Lots of fun, partying and then a lovely relaxing evening in the spa."

"A fab start to my Christmas celebrations"

"My second time at Centre Parcs Conbria. I really enjoyed the two discos, on the friday and saturday nights, and the fancy dress was amazing on the saturday. I am new and didn't know anyone, but soon made friends. I recommend this event, and can't wait until April for the next one."

"This was my first Spice Centerparcs weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it!"


"This is a really good experience and what a way to get to know someone! "

"This was a fascinating workshop . I never thought a face could say so much without speaking"

"Bob is a fantastic facilitator and this workshop topic is both interesting and fun - thoroughly recommended"


"Colour U Confident was an enlighting, fun and social event. We were all surprised at the colour of clothes which suited us best and found the whole experience fascinating whilst being lead by Lesley in a calm, knowledgable and fun way"


"I would never thought I'd be attemping pole dancing, it's was so much fun, very tiring I'm aching all over now and have plenty of bruises to show for it, but it was worth every one. I had to tell a few people I was going to give it a try so I couldn't chicken out, I would have missed a brilliant day if i had. Can't wait for it come round again! "

"PureJoy's workshop was value for money, fun and good exercise. Swinging around a pole is more difficult than you think and also more strenuous. Be prepared for aching arms and a few bruises, but you'll have had fun getting them!"

"It was nice to do a routine at the end where you had chance to put the individual moves together. Joy was lively and fun and boosted our confidence levels"


" Having Steve there to run the walking and quiz added so much to this event. Its been previously somewhat lacking in structure, although some people like that. The group buffet was a great to, saves on individual meals and more importantly brings people together to enhance the social aspect. I'd think twice about going if these were notnow a regular feature of the event. The houses as always were great, lots of character and very well equiped too. Pefect for groups."

"If you want a relaxed weekend in a lovely unusual location, then this is the event for you. It was fun but there was no pressure to join in anything if you didn't want to."


"Wow, what a wonderful way to relax. Worth every penny for a stress-busting and fun day".

"Did what it said on the tin! A lovely relaxing day"


"A wonderful day in fabulous surroundings with excellent company. I learnt to cook dishes that I would never have attempted to alone as have always felt they were too complicated or fussy - has given me loads of confidence with cooking desserts. Can't wait to impress my friends and family at Christmas."

"Excellent day with cooking made easy in lovely surroundings"

"This was an excellent day - I would strongly recommend it. The location was lovely and the staff at the cookery school were very professional."


"This event was so much fun. The instructor was brilliant. I loved it. Especially the drumming. It was also fascinating to see how the dress and turban was put on. The dancing was very energetic but great fun! Loved it!


"Really didn't know what to expect, but if you want to spend a day laughing, having a really good time and achieving something you never thought you could do, this workshop fits the bill perfectly."

●What a brilliant day!!! I havn't laughed so much in ages. It was fun and exciting from the trust building exercises in the morning, to the fire breathing finish. I am still on a high - several days later. Of course you are nervous when you first start out, but everything is very safety conscious and discussed before you start to do anything - I felt completely safe (thanks to Bobs excellent tuition and my fire buddy!!). All I can say is, if you are undecided about this event, GO FOR IT!! You won't regret it.

●Seeing peoples faces when they saw the photos and asking how I had faked them was amazing. Lived up to expectations.


"Was an execellent behind the scenes event, which I would highly recommend to anyone. Everyone was so helpful and interesting to talk and listen to and they made us really welcome. Nothing was too much trouble. Stayed afterwards for the evening prayers, even though I am not religious myeslf I thought that this was a really touching experience. Also was privedge to have been in the same chapel that pope Benedict visited a few weeks ago"

"Excellent event learning about what actualy goe s on behind those metal gates I've driven past so many times. i can actualy see the building from my front bedroom window"


"Centre Parcs is great, I love it!!! I have been quite a few times now and everytime you go, you experience something new. The co-ordinators are very helpful and friendly. They always make sure that everyone is having a good time. Thanks guys :) "

"Favourite part of the weekend? The whole darned thing - plenty of things to do, i was very lucky with my "villa mates" and the weather was great too, the weekend went too quickly (i think the spa at the end was arguably my slightly favourite event as such)"

"I love going to these Centre Parcs weekends. My favourite part has to be the fancy dress party on the Saturday night...everyone makes a real effort with their costumes and we end up having a fabulous time!!! "

"Wonderful place with lots of activities to keep everyone engaged & socialising. FUN is the best way to describe a weekend at CP with a bunch of Spicers. My Villa mates were strangers on friday but by monday they had become Friends that i Will keep in touch with. Cant wait until the next CP weekend away. Spice - I am There :-) "


"Socially excellent; dancing obviously and chatting with the other spice members"

"The band was very good and I enjoyed dancing to live music. I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to the next event."

"This was a really fun night, we were made to feel really welcome and the band was fantastic. I really enjoyed the dance lesson and putting it into practice."

"Dancing with live jazz was a really great event; lots of interaction with other members and real fun. try it!"


"The Saxon Mill is a great pub and restaurant - a really nice venue"

"Hazel was very good at making everyone feel welcome, indroducing and ensuring that we all 'shuffled'



"As it was my first Spice holiday! I enjoyed the whole experience, it was great getting to know different people, it was so nice having the company at any time you wanted it throughout the holiday, and never feeling in the way"

"I throughly enjoyed it, made some really good friends and had a good laugh, I will definitly be booking another holiday with Spice.Thank you xx"

"Glad I went. Croatia is a lovely country: Dubrovnik was stunning as was Mostar. Felt like staying an extra day!"

"Maggie, whom was the co-ordinator of this trip did an excellent job, worked well beyond her requirements and further. It wasn't in the holiday details about other trips, but Maggie arranged a variety of options we could spend our day together on the saturday (and given bargained for a good price!)."

"The holiday was so well organised and I always felt safe within the group. Even though it was my first Spice holiday since joining 5 years ago, it won't be my last, (not too sure, why it took me so long!)."



"I thought it was expensive before I attended but it was worth every penny a super day out. Shan and Mark were brilliant. and the other participents were really nice"

"This was probably my favourite Spice event to date. Fabulous scenery, interspersed with challenging, but fun activities during a relaxing ramble with great company and entertaining, professional facilitators. Pretty much perfect to be honest."

"The Ramble scramble and dangle was a fantastic event that I fully enjoyed. Mark and Sean were funny but professional hosts and managed to cram a whole host of experiences into the day which was indeed great value for money.
I will certainly book this type of event again and am really pleased that I discovered Spice"


"A fun Sunday afternoon, great to see the enthusiasm of the organisers and everyone having a bit of a giggle"

"Easy to find venue, time went by very quickly, but I felt that we covered loads in 2 hours. Very enjoyable!"




"A fab weekend: great walks, wonderful company, hotel accommodation quirky at times but at least the food was good and the beds comfy (surely the most important things!) I would definitely recommend this venue to other Spicers".

"First time walker who did advanced and moderate walks over the 2 days. Impressed by the fitness of the group who walked 7 hours and 6 hours respectively over the 2 days. I personally found the endurance aspect tough but that was to be expected as I don't walk much. I had a lot of support from the group and found them very sociable. Its a good event to meet people and make friends. I arrived home tired, aching but enjoyed the experience thank you!

"Only travelled 20 mles for this walking weekend but the reactions of Spicers from other areas to the stunning scenery on the Long Mynd and their fascination with the history of Ironbridge made me think of my local walking area in an entirely new way"..



"This was a brilliant day in the Forest of Dean with a camel, 4 lamas and a donkey. Imaginative lunch was excellent - home made quiches and paper table cloth included! Moira and Alistair made us feel very welcome and special. The animals behaved just as they should in an English forest! And the group of spicers was just big enough to be able to chat to everyone during the event. Highly recommended!"

"A fabulous day, lots of opportunities to interact with Llamas, camel and donkey. Lots of fun along the way, good exercise too and a lovely home-made lunch from the organisers. A most excellent way to spend a Sunday."



"This was my first Spice event, and I found it was a good event to get people talking to one another. I really enjoyed it, met some lovely people, and would go to the event again.

"My friends and I really enjoyed the evening. the maze was fun and the food was good. The wine flowed well although they did run out of soft drinks and only had water left!!

"A great bonding experience! Good fun. Everyone was in high spirits."

"As a farly new member to spice i throughly enjoyed the evning, the weather was perfect, the food was nice but a touch on the cold side.. but soaking up the wine was brill..

"Really enjoyed it. A good combination of an outdoor activity plus a chance to socialise afterwards"

"I had a lovely time, great fun in the maize, brilliant people to spend time with, the co ordinators were friendly and informed us of everything....very well organised, the food was lovely...but next time i would bear in mind that the whole event is outside so i'd be prepared for the eveing feeling very cool...on the whole i really enjoyed this event and would do it again"



"This is something that I probably wouldn't considered had I not had a free evening and this was the only event on but I thoroughly enjoyed this. The chef gave a good demonstration and then we were left to our own devices. Lord alone knows what he was thinking watching this bunch of amateurs but he couldn't have been more welcome to the "invasion" of his space. Very much recommended. The dessert was excellent as well!"

"It was a fun event which I enjoyed. I'd never made a pizza before and so it was also a new experience for me. I would recommend it to anyone!"

"This was a very enjoyable event. Making the pizzas was great fun! Chef was very helpful. Overall a fun, sociable evening which I would recommend."

"Great easy going event. Lots of fun making the pizza in a very nice hotel in middle of Brum. Good event for new members as you get to chat around a table whilst eating what you've made yourself. Definitely one to be repeated, but maybe at a hotel where the drinks aren't so pricey"



"Have not tried bowling for some 20 years. Maybe because I am not that good but the fun being with others who had same happy attitude with each encouraging one another made it a grat evening"

"The evening was very relaxed and the group that I bowled with were really good fun. It didn't matter that some were better than others, we cheered at successes and laughed when we completely messed up. I would definitely attend more ten-pin bowling evenings."

"I was expecting it to be quite cliquey but was surprised to find it wasn't, teams were randomly selected and we all had a good laugh. will definitely go again it was a nice midweek event. Thanks"



"Fantastic way to spend a saturday afternoon - got some interesting looks from tourists and locals alike as we all did the 'dying fly' !"



"I'm really glad I booked this even though I'm not a beginner. Everyone made it a fun evening and wasn't too daunting when one of the experts played me - just not sure I'm up to that pace! Brilliant night and looking forward to the next one"

"I can't thank Mike and his friends enough for making this evening so enjoyable. In fact, I'm tempted to join a local club!"



"Thank you for your email on the Botanical Gardens. I have enjoyed all the events i have done through Spice,and would like to thank you 

for that.I would never have done so many things without Spice,and met so many nice and friendly people. The Botanical Gardens Photograpy was very good and the instructor made it very easy for me to understand my camera better and helped me to take photos i didn't think i could take. I really enjoyed the day and the time went very quickly. I would certainly recommend this event to anyone who is into photography,go for it!!!"

"It was an excellent day, it certainly matched up to the event write up. David and his assistant Lisa were fantastic. The material was presented in a way that was suitable both for beginners and for those with a little experience. There was just the right mix of theory and practice. Although attendees presented David with a range of cameras he was able to make the tuition relevant to all and offer 1:1 support to individuals. Overall it was a most enjoyable day with a great group of people. In my opinion the event was good value for money and I would have paid a little more if necessary. I would certainly recommend this event to others, indeed I am planning to enrol on David's intermediate workshop. "



"The Greek dance workshop was really good; i thoroughly enjoyed it, would do it again and it was well worth the money. I was surprised to see so few men! Now having done it i can wholeheartedly say that this is most definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, a mans 'dance' - what else can you call it apart from dance? It's not a co-ordinated prancy female dance but a proper man's dance! To any men reading this - if you like a laugh and have two left feet; it's designed for you! Most of it seems to be based on the fact that your drunk anyway! It suits a man far better than a woman (believe me! we're not built to bounce around like you are!) so come and try it. I suggest renaming it from 'Greek Dance' - dance only seems to frighten the men off, to something like 'What to do in a Greek restaurant, (or an a Greek island if you're lucky), which involves moving to music'! I just feel sorry for the men who want a laugh, to be active but don't feel confident enough to 'dance' - it was brilliant!"





"I really did enjoy this one. We were made to very welcome from the moment we got there. The people who ran the canoe centre were very very good. It was a very relaxing & enjoyable event, we even managed to go a bit further as we arrived at the pub a bit early. Oh and yes did get very wet but that wasnt from falling in. I think this event was very good vale for money and would recommend it to other people, I dont think it could be improved."




"This was probably my favourite Spice event to date. Fabulous scenery, interspersed with challenging, but fun activities during a relaxing ramble with great company and entertaining, professional facilitators. Pretty much perfect to be honest."






"The hat making day was a great success.Five of us went and the location was splendid. Louise was delightfully charming and very good at sharing her time between us teaching us the various techniques we needed.In truth it took me back to my childhood dress up box which entertained me and my little pals for hours, pretending to be ladies - since then I have always loved hats and am still pretending to ber a lady, so the day was perfect for me.

Like all true magpies we were drawn to the miriad of coloured materials and shiny things - beads, bows, buttons, feathers all available for us to play with - and did we play! We didn't know which box of goodies to raid first - buttons, ribbons, mini top hats - it was like entering a secret world full of pretties.

The whole day was a delight, Having tried on every hat in the place we set about 'creating' and each of us came home with a hat and a fascinator, one girl made a gorgeous hat for her son's wedding the rest of us were on less of a mission, one is going to a Mad Hatter themed do and she is sure to win a prize for her creation, another wanted a more functional but very flattering red cloche which could easily be mistaken for store bought. I just played to the wilder side of my nature and adorned my Ascot hat and made a boy George type thing with detachable feather adornment and a black cloche with more attachments. by the end of the day we had bonded - literally as glue guns were involved and were tickled pink - as feathers were in abundance too.

We had a delightful sandwich lunch provided by Louises husband - coffee and tea was supplied regularly, wine was available and I cannot remember having a more delightfully girlie day and it was all the more satisfying as we took home our wares which, unlike those Blue Peter efforts of yore, were real functioning hats with no sign of a toilet roll inner or drinking straw. The pleasure was palpable as we played in the showroom and ooh'd and ah'd at each other and as with all typical women we were united in our mission to be fab - and we were truly just that by the end of the day, triumphant and very content.

A truly inspiring day - I am now in my hat phase and long may it continue - I will go back as soon as Louise has recovered enough to offer another day in 'hat heaven'.


"What a fantastic day, great teacher, great company!! To start Louise was understandably nervous with it being her first class....but it went well, such a great success.She was always there and happy to help as we made our creations. Ever flowing coffee and tea, pastries and lunch provided by Louise's husband David was also a great addition to the class.We all came away with a hat and other creations such as fascinators. Would most definitely recommend this to others...great day for a great price"


"We had a wonderful day, both my daughter (Faye) and I really enjoyed it. Louise was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Facilities/supplies were very good, with plenty of tea/coffee, and an excellent light lunch. Extremely good value for money and definitely recommend this to others. The number in the group was well balanced - I think this type of workshop works well for small groups. Many thanks"





"We enjoyed our weekend in Whitby enormously. Steve was his usual fabulous self and the other Spicers were really good company. The walks were varied and interesting and, although the weather could have been better, Spice has no control over that! We did think that the hotel, particularly the food, could have been better and it certainly was not up to the standard of hotels on the previous Spice weekends we have enjoyed.


"Enjoyed the Whitby weekend very much, well organised as ever by Steve"


"An excellent weekend,one of the best I've done with Spice. Really good value for money,hotel well run and not fazed by large groups, location ideal. Steve has really done his stuff to ensure that everyone can enjoy the rambles, whatever their ability, and always has plan B up his sleeve for those who need it. The routes were well chosen, included charming villages, steam train stations, pretty woodlands and valleys, cliff top walks, lovely beaches, wild moorland ( not all on the same day !) but the three days included all that variety. The Dracula tour was great fun, the cold wild night added atmosphere, and we all enjoyed running up and down dark alleyways in the company of our jovial and informative guide.A large group , some regular weekenders and some first timers, everyone gelled thanks to Steve's TLC. I would certainly recommend the event and will be booking more of the same."


"Had a great time. Steve did a fantastic job organising it all. Eveything was good. Hotel walks & all the other spice members all great. Would definitely recommend the wkend to others. Excellant value for money. Steve's relaxed manner helped everything flow smoothly. He made sure everyone was looked after and included as much as they wanted to be and ensured a very happy atmosphere. so thanks I had a fab time!"





"Just to say this was an excellent day and the team at Youth Afloat made it very helpful for novices like myself. Would definitely recommend it."


"The event was really lovely. The instructors were very helpful and the weather certainly helped. Despite their best endeavours, I still am unable to move in a straight line! The venue was easy to find and equipment was good. I would recommend this event to other SPICER's, especially beginners (so the title of the event is accurate!). One thing I would add is for attendees to bring straps to keep glasses on if they wear them as the centre could not provide this facility. There were no capsizes (although I came close) and I'd imagine that if one did capsize that glasses would probably not stay on..."







"Just a brief note to let you know how fascinating and enjoyable the Dowsing Workshop was with Bob!Such a wealth of knowledge – he and Julia conducted the day in such a way that it flew by and we learnt so much and came away really confident and inspired.


"Bob and Julia’s workshop was really good; I learnt a lot. Could we please have their Soul Journey workshop? "





"Karolyn and I had no idea what to expect when we went to the studio on Saturday. We had a great morning with Anwar who called me Dave all morning as that was what was on the list for me! She was very bubbly and encouraged us all to use our imagination to design our own pendant. There was a lot of banter and seemed to be no time limit.The results were wonderful and everyone's was very different. All were very professional looking and very wearable.

We would both love to do the event again and thought it was great value for money"


"The teacher was very enthusiastic and we had a lot of fun. I enjoyed the event very much, but don't think I will make further items at home as a kit is needed and I don't think I am particularly creative.Good value we all came away with a nice piece of silver jewellery, a pendant complete with chain, ready to wear. I would recommend it particularly to those who are artistic, although it was fine for the novice too".



"I am glad to say this event was exciting, enthralling and well worth the money it cost; and I cannot remember offhand how much that was.

The supplier was excellent, committed, supportive and educating and I enjoyed his company. I would and will recommend this event to others.

The facilities were exceptional as I anticipated that we would all stand around whilst watching others have a turn. In fact everyone had a complete set of drums to themselves and remaind totally involved throughout.It would be nice if Spice were able to arrange follow up events for those of us who have little time or facilities for owning a set of drums. But all in all; great event"





"It was completely bonkers, brilliant fun and I'd definitely recommend it. The group of 6 I was in were all a good giggle and we were the noisiest!! Don't know whether you were aware but it was the first time they'd held it at Northampton and we were the first group to take part. We were also very lucky because got a go in all vehicles as the office developed a smoking problem so we got a go in the shed as well (bedecked with fresh flowers!) and as recompense also got a go in the office once it was back up and running. Office definitely felt the fastest on the track! Highlight - got to be all 6 in the bed waving at anything that moved in the road, on the path or in gardens as we drove to and from Horton village. Was hilarious and goodness knows what the villagers thought. Supplier was very good and to be recommended as it was co-ordinated well by them. I'd definitely recommend to others as its one of those events that SPICE is all about ie doing something you'd never get round to organising yourself and a bit off the wall!!"


"How can I sum this event up......Fantastic!!Haven't laughed so much in ages...our all girly group were the loudest thereBeing driven round the track in a motorised sofa, desk and shed (our treat because the desk started smoking on our turn, it was fixed and we had another chance later on) was great. Driving the double-decker cars with no hands was fun (I was in the bottom car working the pedals). To top this off being driven down the country lanes...6 of us in bed with Edd (Edd China) was brilliant, the look on people's faces in oncoming cars was priceless.The staff at Northampton were really helpful and friendly. Worth every penny to get the chance to be driven round in motorised furniture.Didn't realise this was the first day that Northampton had put on this event...they did a great job, it was brilliant."




"What a fabulous day full of fun and laughter but with sense of achievement at the end of it. After a frustrating start trying to find the venue, Paul soon had us relaxed and on the move with the warm-up games.This really broke the ice and we began to get to know each other and were able to name each other. The games helped us to rid ourselves of our inhabitions so we were able to throw ourselves into the acting in the afternoon.Having being given our parts we rehearsed in groups initially blocking our moves ourselves. Then Paul worked will each group polishing our ideas and adding extras until it became a polished piece.We of course were not able to do the whole play but what we produced did give a flavour of the play. Paul did not let us watch the whole thing until we performed to the audience which enabled us to see each other fresh and really appreciate the whole experience.

Fabulous event and I cannot praise it enough. If you are new to Spice it is a fantastic event as by the end of it you will know at least 20 other members. Paul was a fantastic director - and can we do another Shakespeare play again soon!"


"Another good event, thank you Spice :-)

Was fun and got to practise Shakespeare and was good to work with some 'professionals'.Expensive for what was delivered, especially without lunch and only a little personal attention, so I may not do it again for those reasons, but as always, overall, I enjoyed the day and the guest and audience I bought along loved it too."


"The day was fantastic. The man teaching us was very good, took us through exercises, gave us useful tips on acting and helped us prepare our scenes for the performance in the afternoon. I enjoyed it greatly and would do anything else that you could arrange for this man to do"


"The most fabulous event, best ever! Thank you, Spice. The day was fast moving, charismatically and professionally managed, with lots of laughs and everyone fully engaged all of the time. We got a real taste of the exercises a new Shakespeare cast is put and some in acting skills, before being directed and put to the test ourselves. On stage just 3 hours from casting!"







"I thought the long weekend in Prague was one of the best I have ever done (I have been on 4 of these city breaks so far). They never fail to disappoint. The length of time is just perfect and the hotels are always of a good quality and everyone seems to have a great time.
Richard did a great job standing in for Maggie at the last minute. I think because so many of us are 'regulars' to these breaks, we have now got used to the format, and need a few things organised by the co-ordinator to begin with, before we find our way around and organise ourselves into interest groups. The bus tour that was organised before hand was excellent and the guide took us off the bus to really look around the various parts of Prague and give us a taste of what we wanted to go back and see in more detail later.
All I can say is keep offering us these weekend breaks and you can't fail. There are a new wave of people who missed some the first time, and others who could not do them first time, so some repeats would be welcome. I am looking to book Krakow myself, but would also be interested in Riga if you ever wanted to repeat it. The only criticism I have is that many of the flights could actually be done from Birmingham. It is really difficult to get lifts to East Midlands, particularly if the flight is early in the morning. I think it would be well worth paying a bit extra to fly from Birmingham. Keep up the good work "


"Had a fantastic time in Prague, great city with brilliant company, everybody mixed together and all got on along really well. Was great to see some old familiar faces from previous weekends away and events. Crammed a lot into the four days including a group of us some of us Spice memebrs hunting, discovering and visiting the Sex Machine Museum...highly recommended. Included in the price was a view of a pornographic film filmed in 1925....something to remember for along time!! I tell you the guy didn't look a patch on Lee Mead !! My heart throb but unfortuantely he is spoken for. Certainly would recommend the weekend to anyone and it certainly was great value for money. Richard was great and was always around if needed, and not letting anyone feel left out."


"Really enjoyed my trip to Prague. The Co-Ordinator was good (got to say that haven't I or else I'll get the boot!). (It was Richard!)


"There was something there for everyone and thought it was a good idea for Richard to have a set time, both morning and evening, to suggest ideas for any outings. No one was left out unless they chose to "opt out".The location of the hotel was fine as it was near to the tramlines and not too far to walk if one wanted to. A good choice of food at the buffet breakfast.I thought the event was about right as far as the cost goes and yes I would recommend it to others."




"I enjoyed the 3 Peaks walk very much, the weather was absolutely perfect so it would have been virtually impossible not to! Steve Dell is a very experienced walk leader and is always cheery and approachable and very good at keeping the group together and "engaged". Personally, I would have expected the routes to be a little more challenging as suggested by the title of the event but I appreciate that it made the experience very "do-able" for a range of ages and abilities.I have raised some sponsorship which will be sent in when I have collected all the pledges."



"The Three Peaks Challenge around the Clent, Malvern and Lickey hill was a brilliant day out. Everyone was in the spirit for charity and managed to tackle the three hills. We had great weather which made the day better. The trip was well organised and Steve rounded it off niceley with a Buffet and some music to relax at the end of it. "


"I booked this event months ago. In the days prior to it I was definately not looking forward to it .... 3 big hills !! On the day there was beautiful sunny weather, a luxury coach and Steve, as always, a conscientious and fun co-ordinator. The hills were no problem at all ! especially the last one, the Lickeys, that had an ice cream van at the top. The cost was appropriate for the event, with 2 charities benefitting.I would definately recommend this event to others and would definately do it again myself. My only suggestion would be to start the Malverns from the very bottom "


"Love these challenges and this proved to be a really enjoyable one. As aways Steve had planned and organised it perfectly, even the weather! The venue at the end was lovely and so was the buffet. A great way to support two worthy charities - and we got certificates too!"


"Had a fantastic time yesterday, lovely weather, lovely people, lovely places, great guide - what more can I say?"


"A little tired and sore from yesterday but it was a wonderful and enjoyable day. The coach was quite luxurious and arrived on time for pick-ups. Steve was helpful, friendly and considerate and unflagging in his efforts to keep us all going. It was more enjoyable than I had expected and I met several very nice new people. It was good to do a walk, get back on the coach and then do another - quite a change from the usual one long walk. I suppose it seemed quite expensive but if you take into account the money raised for charity and the very nice buffet at the end of the day, it was worth it and I would definitely recommend it and would do it again. For me, who attends most events on her own and hates to drive long distances alone, this was ideal."


"I thoroughly enjoyed it - the weather was lovely - don't know how Steve gets that on his side - and the walks up the peaks were really good. We were quicker than expected but the final venue accommodated that and the buffet was nice and the bar reasonable. We seem to have raised a reasonable amount of money for the charities and it was fun doing it. What more can you ask? Would definitely do something like this again."




"What a fabulous day full of fun and laughter but with sense of achievement at the end of it. Paul soon had us relaxed and on the move with the warm-up games.This really broke the ice and we began to get to know each other and were able to name each other. The games helped us to rid ourselves of our inhabitions so we were able to throw ourselves into the acting in the afternoon.Having being given our parts we rehearsed in groups initially blocking our moves ourselves. Then Paul worked will each group polishing our ideas and adding extras until it became a polished piece.We of course were not able to do the whole play but what we produced did give a flavour of the play. Paul did not let us watch the whole thing until we performed to the audience which enabled us to see each other fresh and really appreciate the whole experience.Fabulous event and I cannot praise it enough. If you are new to Spice it is a fantastic event as by the end of it you will know at least 20 other members. Paul was a fantastic director - and can we do another Shakespeare play again soon!"


"Another good event, thank you Spice. Was fun and got to practise Shakespeare and was good to work with some 'professionals'.Expensive for what was delivered, especially without lunch and only a little personal attention, so I may not do it again for those reasons, but as always, overall, I enjoyed the day and the guest and audience I bought along loved it too."


"The day was fantastic. The man teaching us was very good, took us through exercises, gave us useful tips on acting and helped us prepare our scenes for the performance in the afternoon. I enjoyed it greatly and would do anything else that you could arrange for this man to do."


"The most fabulous event, best ever! Thank you, Spice. The day was fast moving, charismatically and professionally managed, with lots of laughs and everyone fully engaged all of the time. We got a real taste of the exercises a new Shakespeare cast is put and some in acting skills, before being directed and put to the test ourselves. On stage just 3 hours from casting!"





"Fire eating was absolutely fabulous..... the whole day was a complete surprise ... from lying on the floor listening to bird songs and gentle swigging mouthfuls of white spirit. A brilliant day no one will be disappointed... one of the 50 things you should do before retiring! I cant thank you enough!"


"What a thrill ! Bob the Fire Eater’s teambuilding events in the morning really broke the ice – one in particular with 16 strangers rolling on top of each other – what can I say! In the afternoon we got down to the real events, (having coated ourselves appropriately in barrier cream of course):

-removing the hairs on our arms (with fire brands);

-putting the firebrands out inside our mouths and then

-“flame throwing” by spraying white spirit from our mouths onto firebrands !!!!

It’s a long day (finished around 5.15 p.m.), but at this time of year the light was going and the firebrands were all the more spectacular.

A word of warning if you do the event in February – it’s absolutely freezing cold – wrap up really warm!!!!

Everyone came away with a real sense of achievement – another event to chalk up on the success board. Thanks for the opportunity


" I loved the fire eating workshop, where else could someone get to do something so whacky with complete strangers at a reasonable cost and local to where i live, with an excellent teacher. A perfect example of spice at its best,where you learn soemthing, do something different and exciting, are welcomed by strangers and put your trust in the strangers you are working with and form bonds. Just amazing!
thank you"






"Yes had a great evening thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - it was great being kids again!! The Lady who co-ordinated the event was bubbley and friendly. Thought the event was a little over priced. Yes would recommend to friends. Would have liked an extra laser game - we managed to get in three in all.
Hope this helps.


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Shootout last night. Hazel, the Spice Co-ordinator was very friendly and met me at the door and introduced me to everyone.I have not acted so silly and had so much fun for a long time. I have already recommended it to everyone I have met. The only improvement I could say is more often please"


"This is a great fun event- I wish I had tried it before.We were split into 4 teams of 5. Two teams were let loose on each other to run around the play center and shoot each other. It would be good to mix it up a bit somehow so that we had a go at changing our opposition...not sure how that would be done though. There were some great battles fought out in the dark...all you heard were shreeks and giggles. I got lost in the play center....its really confusing in the dark so Dave had to come and rescue embarrassing. (Must do the navigation course sometime!!)
The food was a great addition and the staff at the center were friendly and very helpful. Quite a few of us went to the pub afterwards which made the event really sociable. I will definitley book this again."

"A good, fun night out. Be happy to do it again and enjoyed the banter and the silliness of it all! It's the kind of event where being pants at it seems to add to the fun - especially when you're never the only one! I'd like to see this advertised more frequently and though on this night the food was appreciated, not sure it's essential - more game time please! How about a range of different games too!"

"I thought the idea of providing the sandwiches, sausage rolls, drinks and the hot dogs was great - otherwise it's a bit of a rush after work and that worked really well - there was just the right amount of food too - perfect! Great evening thoroughly enjoyed!"



"We had a great time and the weather was also good. Steve gave us a marvellous weekend".


"This was another great walking and social weekend organised by Steve Dell. We could not fault the weekend in any way and would highly recommend it to all other Spicers. We thought it was very good value for money.
It would be difficult to improve the weekend but an alternative to the Saturday walks could be to use the West Somerset Railway to go out to say Watchet to start the walks. This would give a far longer and more interesting ride on the steam train and possibly provide a more interesting morning walk (we found the walk along the coast from Minehead did not offer many changes of view until we turned inland towards Dunster".


"Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, walking good and plenty of choice of what to do, we did all the walks and they were all enjoyable if muddy. Steve knows his audience and had tailored the activity to meet our likely preferences. Hotel very pleasant and food good. The optional curry on Friday was taken up by about thirty I think and yet the restaurant coped better than some do with a table of four! Certainly value for money and the group gelled nicely - another Dell winner."


"I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. The location of the hotel and facilities were excellent, great food. Steve was, as usual, great. The walks were fantastic and matched up to the write up. The quiz was very good. I would definitely recommend this weekend to others. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this weekend. Even the weather was kind to us (no rain)!!!"

"My partner and I are big fans of Steve Dell and his walks and last weekend was excellent. Good hotel, food etc etc and Steve's organisation is always second to none. One of these days I will complete all three walks on Steve's social weekends but the pub stops at lunchtime are so inviting and aching legs difficult to get going again...."


"Had a lovely weekend, well organised and good accommodation; would highly recommend to others".

"It was a great event. The hotel was very good, Steve had the whole weekend well planned (including the weather!) and everyone seemed to have a good time. The event matched up to the write up, it was good value and I’d definitely do it again and also recommend it to others. In fact, I didn’t want to come home!"






"This event was excellently run and a really great day out. I thought the value for money was also very good. I would totally recomend this day out."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the pottery workshop yesterday. Liz was fantastic, a great teacher and excellent host. It was a really relaxing day. Liz had chosen styles of pottery that meant we could all make something achievable as well as having a go on the wheel. I would definitely recommend the day to others. Thanks another great Spice event!"


"Yes i really enjoyed it, I liked Liz who did it, she was friendly,.chatty, helpful and encouraging.I thought it was a bit expensive but I"m not sure how much theses things cost. it was a very basic course and mostly involved painting/decorating the clay and we only got 5 minutes each on the wheel,longer would have been nice. although i enjoyed it i felt that liz could have given us more difficult projects to do with the clay as it seemed to test our painting skills rather than pottery,though I do appreciate that people like to come home with a pot.I did say to liz that I would like to do more on the wheel and she said she would contact me regarding this.I would also like to spend a day maybe with a an artist that does other things with clay other than pots, maybe figures or animals, is this callled ceramics rather than pottery ? I would recommend itto others but I would emphasise that it is more about decorating your pot than working with clay.I hope this helps"


"The Pottery Workshop was a brilliant event to do. Liz was really friendly and helpful. Excellent value for money, we all made and decorated 3 different pieces. Would definitely do this one again at some point.


"I thoroughly enjoyed this event and I thought it was very good value for money. Liz Monk is a great Tutor and the venue (a Worcestershire farm, come Craft Gallery, come Pottery workshop…) was beautiful.We all achieved much at this workshop: made platters which we decorated and we all ambitiously created bowls on the potters’ wheel and decorated those too. Mine were the best in class!…….though I would say that wouldn’t I ;o) PS Liz’s Mother makes a fantastic Victoria sponge! "





"It was a brilliant and really enjoyable workshop! the biggest message for me was giving me hope and appreciation for men -(not that i didnt have any!) but it was great to hear from positive role models like marcus and nick- it makes the gap between men and women smaller when we're able to talk about things that matter to us like this. and i'll try not to cause an accident by making my man do more than one thing!"


"Really enjoyed this event good value, good fun and informative would definately recommend to others. Had a great time."


"The event yesterday was brilliant!!!Marcus and Nick are honest, straightforward, approachable and great fun. The content was relevant and informative.

i felt I learnt a lot and am very happy that I attended.I would recommend the event to everyone More from them please."


HOW TO SELL ON EBAY February 2010


"You were right about this event. It was absolutely brilliant and well worth every penny!"


"Sean is expert in this field and good to have as our teacher. He inspired trust and and was very informative. It would be good to have a session on "How to Buy' first as apparently this is the best was to start on Ebay. He is very quietly spoken so occasionally I did not catch what he said. But this is probably my problem rather than his.I would definitely recommend him to others. He knows what he is talking about."


BELLY DANCING February 2010


"Belly dancing was so good the first time that I came back for more - but boy do you find muscles you never knew you had! Be prepared to giggle as you shimmy".


"I really enjoyed this event, as I have with everyone that I have attended. The following day I discovered that I had muscles where I didn't know muscles were. I am subsequently looking for a weekly belly dancing class. I would be interested in doing an all day workshop as would some of the other ladies whom I spoke to on the day."


Sex & Contraception In 1580 October 09

“Well what a fab night was had talking Queen Lesley who held us all spellbound. She was witty, naughty, risque and then some, absolutely my kind of gal. The notion of her first conquest being in the back of a Ford Zephyr filled me with mirth - lovely bench seats in those Zephyrs - I remember them well, albeit not for the same reason. Imagining her with 'half a lime up her fairy' did bring tears to my eyes but it was even funnier imagining some poor fellow trying to enjoy a dalliance with a lady so equipped. Over the years one acquires many legendary stories about what foreign objects find their way up women's jumpers and having taught in a mental hospital I can confirm that Cindy dolls etc are 'fairy fodder' as are hair grips and biro inserts found inside men - the things we do for lurve eh! Despite being an ardent atheist I do visit churches and will now be looking for a competely different variety of features, seeking out naughty friezes and other 'artistic features' and in the process I will have more joy in the house of God than ever before. The notion of the variety of body lice had me squirming, and not with pleasure, while the strap on hairpiece looked very fetching, I have seen many a toupe that would have served its purpose much better if it had been located in the basement rather than atop a bald pate. One can now imagine in lurid detail what was going on with rather poor prophylactics drying on the line ready for their next encounter. Though I remain unconvinced that they would stay on a lot of boys without those ties. The notion of curing a prolapsed womb by using two mice to scare it back had me in fits, In truth methinks many men do think of the vagina and its vulval vestibule as an alien creature. They use its names derogatorily to abuse each other yet spend as much time as possible trying to clamber back up to the womb.....a safe unchallenging place I guess! Whilst we are sometimes forced to dream of cups of coffee and pieces of toast they plough on regardless with as much intuition as dormant tortoises bless them. It is all jolly good fun but if one has ever been asked the three worst words strung together in an English sentence - 'did you come?' - you know you may as well have gathered up your fairy wig and gone straight for the coffee”



Meeting Your True Soulmate September 09


“I really enjoyed the 'Meeting your true soulmates' workshop. I didn't have any preconceived expectations about the event, so I went in with an open mind. Most of the day was spent doing group tasks which was a fun way of getting to know other people, I found that as equally beneficial as the co-ordinators delivery of the event. Candy started the session with an insight into her experience of being single and subsequently finding her soulmate, I found her open, friendly and with bags of positive energy. Hopefully I now have all the tools in place to meet my soulmate, only time will tell.”


Has Spice Got Talent September 09


“Brilliant evening .Excellent organisation.Just wish there had been afew more chairs as my feet were killing me by the end of the evening”


“A fantastic night for a fantastic cause. All participants were brilliant, I didnt quite understand why some participants got to perform twice and some only once, but the fact they had the courage to get up and perform in front of a panel of judges and a club full of people was awe-inspiring.
Loved them all, a varied variety of talent not just singers, but musicians, comedians and an almost full monty stripper, how brilliant!! Such a shame that the only one thing to spoil it was that a lot of the spicers chose to talk through some of the performances, at one point Maggie did repremand the area where I was stood but it was the audience further back causing all the noise!
All in all a fantastic night, loved the panel of judges even if as Dave Smith said a bit "OTT" but no-one took too much humbridge at the comments and what an excellent winner, Ian Cole, with his chopin piece. When I remember all the nights he played for us on the Paris trip in 2007 in the hotel who would have thought then that 2 years on he would be winning a Spice talent competition! If Spice EVER do this sort of event again (and I hope they do) maybe they should look to use a venue where the audience could actually sit down and concentrate on the acts?”


“What an amazing night, great atmosphere with so many people turning out mid-week. I would certainly recommend it to others. Spice definitely has got talent, they all performed well but Aunt Betty got my vote even though she made my ribs hurt! Lots of money raised for a great cause too. As it appeared to me to be very well organised, I'm not sure there'd be much to improve on other than perhaps, if time permits, the judges could be introduced on stage prior to the show began, so that the whole of the audience is able to see who they are”


“I enjoyed the event the only things I would say would help improve it would be for performers to have a set time some did 1 song others did 2. also it would have helped to have a break part way through as this could have helped to reduce the conversations that were going on during the acts”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the event and thought the comraderie of Spice members really shone through.Those who were brave enough to perform did very well. I felt it was very well organised with so many team members helping out. It was great to support a local worthy charity and I think alot of people felt that. All in all it was an entertaining, fun night out”


“The night was very enjoyable. Was good to see normal every day people show off their talents. A very well organised event and would definately go again and recommend it to others. Only suggestion for improvement would be for more seating next time”


“Really enjoyed this event was very good, well organised and fun. Improvements next time: tape off the area for the green room in advance. (I arrived at 6:45 had a good seat, but was kicked out with others around 7:30 by which time the ground floor seating had gone. It was hard on the feet, when I had been standing on my feet all day) Meal - ok, but slightly on the pricy side. Someone needs to control the noise level, its not fair on the people taking part. Possibly have an interval half way, people can get drinks and natter for ten mins”

“Good atmosphere and the standard was better than I was expecting. Good to be raising money for charities in these hard times I liked the Jam House as a venue but it was a shame that there was some background noise with people talking during some performances”


“Thought the evening was very good and hope you do it again next year. Some of us thought it would be good if the other groups did SPICE has got talent and then we had a National one with an overall winner”


“This was my first event and we enjoyed it very much (nothing to do that I won on the raffle!). It was very good value for money and the acts were alot better than I thought they would be”


“The show was excellent. If the participants had been performing in the Britain’s Got Talent show, I would have put them all through to the final round. The idea of having such a competition was brilliant and it was extremely well organised and run. Congratulations to everybody! The one disturbance was the level of chatter in the room when the performers were on stage which made it hard at times to listen to them, then to hear the judges’ comments. Having said that, though, the whole event was very professional and most enjoyable and I hope it will be repeated. It was a great success and I am full of admiration for the brave participants, the hardworking Spice and Jam House staff and the innovative way in which so much money was raised for a very worthy charity”


“Absolutely brilliant! Best event I have been to in a long time, great talent, fab organisation and just generally a fun night”


“Disappointed the Spice office didn't do an act!” (Not as disappointed as you would have been if we had performed – Ed) “Had a very good night and all in aid of charity”


“I had a really enjoyable night. I hadn't laughed so much in ages, thanks to Aunt Betty and John Matchett. I also looked on in awe at some of the acts and how good they were, considering it was a complete amateur night. Perhaps it should be put on as an annual event. It was really good that whilst having a really good enjoyable night it raised money for charity”


“The compere was excellent.Maybe some spot lights on the judges when they were speaking would have been useful and maybe made more of any impact. It also seemed to finish quite flat - perhaps you could finish with a disco as the room was full and it was only 9.30ish - we old un's can stop out late you know! But overall the event was excellent - 'fraid I can't say that about some of the acts - however, they had the guts to do it - so fair play to them”


“How could we improve this event for next time? I would make a bigger thing about people not talking while the acts are on. Also, I'd probably split it into two sections and have a small break so people can get a drink/have a wee etc without missing any of the acts”


“I came to this event at the last minute and missed the first few acts. I was impressed by the quality of the event in terms of organisation and acts and would certainly attend another 'spice has talent' evening as spice most definitely does have talent!”


“I must say that I thought “Has Spice Got Talent?”was a first-class event. What I enjoyed and admired so much was the professionalism of it all. The performers were excellent and of a very high standard. It was hard to choose a winner. The compere was very experienced and presented the show clearly and delightfully. The judges were well-chosen for their knowledge of show-business and I found their comments on each act relevant and if there was tough criticism, it was kindly said .Everything ran smoothly and all the timing was spot-on. If I had to find fault, it would be that there wasn’t enough seating. I’m sure all those who were standing throughout would have much preferred to have been seated, also that would have enabled people at tables behind standing groups to see. I missed a lot of the action on stage. I would also have preferred the judges to have been visible to everyone. I do hope you will repeat this event sometime. It is a wonderful way to raise money for charity and at the same time, give members the opportunity to see some amazing hidden talent!”

"Thoroughly enjoyed Has Spice Got Talent? and hope it will become an annual event. Thought the guide of a fiver was a good idea for entrance as it was wasn't too much to put off the less well-off but was enough to generate a reasonable donation. Only shame was a minority who lacked the respect to keep quiet during the acts. Maybe an interval would have given these people an opportunity to have a natter”

“It was a great night and I do hope it was the start of a new Spice tradition!”



It’s A Knock Out Challenge September 09


“What a great event, had a fantastic time and a good laugh, even got a good suntan, i now glow in the dark!”


"The Knockout weekend was absolutely fantastic. Really well organised, brilliant weather and lots of laughter and fun. Graham Fisher's team were brilliant in making this event superb. The event was good value if you stayed camping & the party afterwards and access to the polo fun day. I would definitely recommend it. One of the downsides i found was that the event was over too quickly. Lots of people to cater for, but if i recall the entire games were wapped up in 2.5 hours. A great job was done on the toilet front... if it weren't for the fact they stopped working early in the evening and therefore in the morning were a place to avoid! All in all, i would definitely go again!”

“Loved it. The Best Fun. In the past had always avoided Team Games - though I cannot express how thoroughly I enjoyed this event. I was a member of a Wonderful team - supportive, kind and great, great company ( do think I left my Dignity at home though!) Well organised and great Suppliers. Many thanks - am still smiling xx”


“What a great event. The games were a good mix and lots of fun. The Graham Fisher team were excellent and made the games so much fun, I would definitely do it again. I am still smiling after it. Constructive comments...the toilets for the campers....not good! Smaller teams...not everyone could join in every game. A full day event so that more people could get involved. Once everyone sees the pics you will get lots of takers for next year”



Climbing The Longstone Pinacle Sept 09


“This was a terrific event. Everything went very smoothly, was exactly as discussed in the write up, and the instructor was very good. It was a tad on the pricy side, but an unforgettable experience. The numbers were about right (7), many more and there would have been too much hanging about”

“The rock climbing was a great day out and definately value for money. I liked the fact we didnt just go there and climb we also learnt how to tie the knots, belay etc. Really enjoyed myself even though I had shakey hands and legs of jelly when I got to the top of the Pinnacle. I'd have no hesitation in recommending this event to others. Only suggestion would be to remind people to take £3 in change for the car park"

Fire Eating Sept 09




“The Fire Eating workshop was definitely the best event so far undertaken through Spice, the activities in the morning got everyone relaxed and ready for the actual fire eating itself. Throughout the day the instructor was very good and informative, getting us all fire eating and breathing fire by the end of the day whilst emphasising the safety aspects, so I felt safe throughout.The event was definitely worth the money especially the option ot purchase a dvd of the day and fire brands at the end.I have already recommended to a few people to try it next time it comes around and looking forward to practicing my new party piece for friends and family”.

“2 words . . . Absolutely Brilliant!”

“Fire eating was great...was a bit scary to put fire that close to my face and trust that I would not burn.....what a buzz though when i could do it. Bob is great and makes the day enjoyable...time just flew. I have bought the fire brands and will give it another go just as soon as I stop belching white spirit....lovely...”


“ I really enjoyed the day. It was all I expected it to be and more. It matched the write up perfectly, and the directions were spot on. Excellent value for money, entertaining but with serious attention to safety. The venue was superb. Lots of space indoors and outdoors with great facilities. The co ordinator was excellent in terms of organisation and timing. I would and have recommended this event to others”


“Fire eating was fantastic, I really enjoyed myself and made new friends, the day started off as 11 strangers but we left as a group of friends. The day started off with trust exercises, and we were thinking when will the fire start, but it was such good fun, I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. The event did match up to the write and yes I think it did build up my self confidence. Bob had lots of experience and this proved useful, when we were finding the technique difficult to get to grips with. The day was well worth the money, should of started at 11:00, (but started late, as Bob was late!) but finished at 19:30. On the write up, it stated, any problems give Bob a call on his mobile, only problem was, he doesn't have his mobile phone anymore, so that would of been a pointless call!! It is also worth putting down on the write up, to take some money with yourselves, as Bob offers to sell a pair of fire brands and a DVD of the day. As many individuals didn't have any money with them. Brilliant day just can't wait to see the DVD”


“All in all a wonderful day, that raises ones self confidence to new levels. My partner for the day, was having extreme trouble finding the centre of her mouth, kept hitting her lips or teeth. Hence, she was exceptionally nervous about doing it with the lighted brands. She very nearly went home at one point, but I persuaded her to stay and told her she would be fine. Needless to say when she finally conquered the fire-eating she was dancing round, she was so happy she had stayed”

“Fire-eating really does produce the kind of mental and emotional HIGH that money can't buy. You can quote me on that!”


Frustrated Guitar Workshop October 09


“As a frustrated guitar hero myself I found the course extremely useful as Matthew covered aspects for both intermediates like myself and beginners alike. For example, for over 20 years I have been playing G and D chords incorrectly and he instructed me to play those with different fingering to allow bar chords to be played immediately afterwards more quickly. It gives you an exellent base to take home ideas which you can research and improve your technique and I would recommend it to beginners as Matthew is extremely patient. If Matthew can do an advanced workshop after this I would be very very interested”

“I thought it started slow with a good hour of the 4 being spent on tuning but as time went on there was a clear method to his teaching and I went away accomplishing my first scale in G. Which is much more beneficial than learning one tune without the skills to replicate it or further your development which this tutors method clearly achieved. It was very pleasant to receive tea and biccies before we started and in the break – it reminded me of the tuck shop at school. My only criticism is that there is not a class 2 to take it the next step. Would recommend to a beginner – excellent tutor. 4 hours was a good length of time – anymore and my fingers would have fallen off”



Ramble Dangle And Scramble Sept 09


“The Ramble scramble and dangle was a fantastic event that I fully enjoyed. Mark and Sean were funny but professional hosts and managed to cram a whole host of experiences into the day which was indeed great value for money. I will certainly book this type of event again and am really pleased that I discovered Spice”


“The writeup was very accurate and the instructors were great. We thought the event was good value for money, considering it lasted from until about and was a very fun day out. The only small criticism is that the 'ramble' part of the event could have benefitted from being at a more leisurely pace as it was on a continuous steep gradient for most of the way and a few of us had trouble keeping up! (or maybe we are not as fit as we would like to be!!) It would have been better if Sean had taken into account those with a slower walking pace as we were quite tired after all the climbing, scrambling etc and he was an extremely fast walker... However this is only a very minor criticism. The instructors Mark Fenton and Sean were friendly and had a great sense of humour. They put everyone at ease and were safety concious and professional. In particular, the scrambling and the abseil part was thrilling!! We are now going to book the Mega abseil as we are now hooked! All in all a fantastic experience and we would highly recommend this event to others”

“Mark (and Sean) were their usual professional and fun selves. It was well planned and executed event. It was pitched at the right level too.Excellent day, as all of Fenton's events seem to be”.


Police Dog Training Sept 09


“The Police Dog Handler Talk and Display was a great evening. Steve Dell, who hosted the event was friendly and welcoming. The talk itself was very informative and the Police Dog Handlers were two great guys who were obviously passionate about their dogs and their profession. It was great value for money as food was included-I had forgotten about this and it was very welcome as I had rushed to the event straight from work! I would definitely recommend this event”.


“Interesting event! Probably more suited to earlier in the Summer or during the day as the light was fading by the time the handlers had finished chatting to us and moved onto actually using the dogs. The dogs were brilliant.. amazingly good at what they do! One thing that the handlers told us is that if the dogs are injured by a criminal then the only charge that can be brought is one of criminal damage. This seems very unfair for these brave dogs. Apparently there is a petition on the No. 10 website to try to get more serious charges laid. Could be worth an internet visit!”


“It was absolutely excellent value for money. The food that was supplied was far better than I perceived it was going to be for the price. The policemen were really informative and I found their talk very interesting. It was a shame that we started loosing light and the demonstrations using the dogs had to be a bit rushed. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing”.


“Enjoyed this very much. What a nice venue for future events. Has inspired me to book the Halloween party”


“In no particular order : great value for money, food brilliant, venue easy to find, safe parking, co-ordinator friendly and welcoming, the talk by the police officers was very informative and answered all the questions the audience had, they were friendly and approachable and obviously very knowledgable. Lovely crowd of people there last night as well. Only a slight criticism - I would have liked to see more of the dogs doing their stuff which had to be rushed a bit because of fading light. Nevertheless a fantastic evening”.