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Spice Amazing Award

The Amazing Award is our prestigious award, specially created so that we can recognise and celebrate those members who have taken part with SPICE at ten exciting events, thus showing a positive attitude to life, the willingness to try anything at least once and making life that little bit more "amazing".

The award comes on a piece of parchment, printed in script and enclosed in a beautiful glossy white cover. It lists the ten events completed and is suitable for framing. It has proved useful at interviews to many members, as it infers many personal qualities not otherwise apparent.
 Amazing award
To apply for the Award, you must have had a go at ten events of an Exciting, Adventurous or Challenging nature. Social events do not generally count, but what for some members is a challenge could be a cinch for others - it is YOU who will decide when you qualify to receive the Award, and what the ten experiences are that will be listed on the certificate. 

Your presentation can come at any time following your application. We hope to surprise you and make it a memorable occasion.

Amazing members are invited to Special Events, previews and, in turn, we hope they will take a more active role in the club. They are also invited to act as co-ordinators for events, gaining free or discounted slots. They are also recognised in the monthly newsletter. Above all this is the fact that members qualifying for the Award will have gained far more than a certificate! Ask them and you will see what we mean!

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